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Procedure for removing sticky residue from the headlight switch panel


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I have just acquired my s211 Advantgarde S and the vehicle is in perfect shape, with an almost pristine appearance.

However, the headlight switch panel was subpar as it seemed to be a low-quality plastic object reminiscent of a bargain store toy.

I had previously stored a bottle of adhesive solvent under the kitchen sink, which effectively removed a dealer window sticker from my previous vehicle.

In addition to purchasing a replacement trim panel from the nearby Mercedes-Benz store, I decided to proceed with the task.

1. Apply adhesive solvent using a kitchen paper towel, allowing it to penetrate by gently patting and reapplying.

2. Carefully remove the sticky substance by using a different part of the towel that was previously used to apply the solution. It is recommended to work on tiny areas at a time, as this method proved to be the most convenient.

Avoid using a desiccated towel as it will adhere and leave behind cellulose fibres that must also be removed.

In addition, I used a little, sharp plastic knife to extract the viscous substance around the corners of the component, where it intersects with the dashboard panel.

3. Concluded the process by using CarPro Perl to get a much improved medium shine appearance.







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I had to do the same action on the multifunction buttons of my S210's steering wheel. Additionally, because the headlight switch panel of the S211 successor is in a deteriorated state, it seems that I will have to repeat the same process. The rubberized coating used by MB does not seem to be very durable. The panel of the S211 was initially satisfactory, but due to excessive enthusiasm during cleaning, I inadvertently created a conspicuous bare spot that is quite noticeable.
One important point to note is that I used Isopropyl Alcohol as an initial softening agent, then removing the softened coating with my fingernail, and concluding the process with a thorough cleaning using GooGone.

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I will maintain the object in its original state and ensure its cleanliness using the CarPro product until the effects of the transfer have faded, at which point I will proceed to replace the component.

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