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Driver's side door glass for the W211 model


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I own a 2007 E63 AMG Estate. Regrettably, there is a significant fracture on the front offside/right driver's door glass. Both my insurance company and I have been unable in finding the glass from Mercedes, as well as from big glass fitters such as Autoglass, National Glass, and others, as well as eBay and many breaker's yards. I located a breaker in Manchester who had an E63 available. However, upon their retrieval of the glass, it was discovered that it had been shattered. I am now contacting glass producers in order to see whether they would be willing to produce a single item just for me. However, I am aware that the likelihood of this happening is quite low.

I fail to identify any justification as to why the glass for a 2007 Mercedes E Class Estate would not be compatible. However, although several individuals, such as a Mercedes expert, concur with my viewpoint, others, specifically the Mercedes components department, assert that they are really distinct. For instance, the glass for my vehicle has the component number MA211 720 02 20 and is priced at £335 plus VAT. On the other hand, the glass for an E320 CDI has the part number MA211 725 04 10 and costs £102 plus VAT. The glass of the E320 vehicle has a blue tint, whereas the glass of my automobile possesses a subtle grey tint. Is this Mercedes just imitating AMG owners or are the spectacles really distinct?

Does anybody own any expertise on the compatibility of several front door glass alternatives for the W211 model? I am considering purchasing a used glass from eBay to test its compatibility, even though this may result in paying many times for fitting. I believe my insurance provider will only cover the cost of one replacement.

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As per the ECP, you may choose from three options for the driver's door window glass: a green one, a blue one, and a reflective one, which corresponds to the first Part# you provided.
The same part numbers are shown for a comparable E220/320CDi estate, indicating that the glass from that model will likewise be compatible.


This particular one, which has a blue hue, is suitable.


This one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/176176260376?fits=Car+Make:Mercedes-Benz|Plat_Gen:S211&epid=1916123421&itmmeta=01HV77TG9VDCW3P425ERYGFMSW&hash=item2904ec6518:g:xDoAAOSwHMtloZvV&itmprp=enc:AQAJAAAA8N3NqISuCMTsHNdhWpeF2OGhnGskaBXhG4X0Co7t9RZxR3IIFAFnMIphXfNEMBu6Wge4Ba5Nau+Nr4VNGVUFTKFNgjyl4s7HZH4htgICTu3GVYoZ8feoDwACBIWDeJctsZgajXLeoA/Z6c5jPcwkKA9SST5a2D5DbaOx9EI+S4CAWvsSARrJd1GQmm4oCnCNAnzOUVDSihWJgBslvyAS2lhf54Q4S8vv9Nhv/M8EvgTSlTQjfz+EZyP4k/fw9EeGvFh+2XAJ2LRo7cyvd7833vgIhfubxb3WiVeoED2TsGzS3mjne1+I+958Qhm6zxReeA==|tkp:BFBMhIXq59lj&mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5338181125&toolid=10001&customid=2518X1570512Xe0c270c88f3ea3d1a49f93a165fbd7a5



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