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My daughter's new automobile


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The photographs depict an appealing appearance, but, the MOT history reveals persistent issues that have not been rectified between tests, namely with the rear brakes and tyres. Additionally, there is evidence of a broken wheel. I am curious to know whether this wheel has been fixed or replaced. Is there any record of service history available? They seem to be willing to invest on a personalised licence plate, but not in the upkeep of their vehicle. What is the reason for not documenting mileage during the first MOT? Does it seem to be genuine? Does the overall deterioration seem appropriate for a mileage of 70,000? It should still have a satisfactory appearance. If the appearance of anything seems worn out, it is possible that the recorded distance travelled may not be accurate. Verify if the vehicle identification numbers (VINs) on the bottom of the windscreen and bulkhead correspond to the VIN on the V5 document. Confirm whether the individual selling the vehicle is the same as the person listed on the V5 document and if the address matches.

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Common difficulties include problems with the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and gearbox malfunctions. The DCT gearbox requires regular maintenance, yet many individuals are sceptical about the need for repair.
The occurrence of engine misfires and running troubles may be attributed to the injectors, which are responsible for generating a phenomenon known as the black death.
The airbag light is on as a result of a malfunctioning clock spring. The ECU issue is caused by water entering the system and faulty maps.
There are oil leaks occurring from both the rear main and front crank seals.
There are several undisclosed issues related to power loss, and it is suspected that the wiring harness to the engine compartment is the cause.
ADBLUE is an effective product that individuals may conceal.
Essentially, if you examine a repair invoice for a Vauxhall vehicle and append zeroes to the end, you will arrive at the same amount.
Furthermore, it has been less than a year since the individual acquired it.
Ensure that there are no outstanding financial obligations associated with it. Therefore, a report such as automobile vertical serves as an excellent introduction.
Recall the principle of considering both emotions and rationality.

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I use the Vehicle Smart tool in conjunction with the Vehicle Score feature to assess the vehicle's past records. If you are about to make a purchase, it is advisable to do a thorough inspection, such as using a service like vehicle vertical, as suggested by other individuals.
The most recent V5C was given on 25 Aug 2023. It is possible that this might indicate either an address change or a registration change, but it would be advisable to investigate more.
If the seller intends to sell the vehicle, it would be advisable to get the registration details and request a fresh V5C document. This is because if you were to purchase the vehicle without obtaining the registration details, you would not have the updated V5C document. Alternatively, is it possible to remove the registration details and transfer ownership simultaneously using an online process?

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Another aspect to consider with these vehicles is the presence of parking sensors.
I am aware that the problem is not related to the mechanics of the vehicle. However, the front bumper is experiencing sensor activation as a result of water infiltration.
The vehicle also rejects aftermarket sensors, which may be purchased from the dealer at a cost of around £60 apiece.
The wiring located under the bumper is similarly prone to water infiltration, but it may be purchased in five separate portions. The smaller sections are priced at around £150 plus value-added tax (VAT).

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