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At last, I have acquired my first AMG vehicle.


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Greetings, everyone.
I have not been a really engaged member, to be frank.
I previously own a superb W218 CLS500 automobile for a duration of two years, however I separated from it in early 2020. Since then, I have longed for the automobile, since it had a flawless combination of aggressive but beautiful aesthetics, a sporty yet comfortable driving experience, and the magnificent sound produced by its illustrious ttv8 engine.
After seeing both the m140i and ls460, which are starkly different from one other, I have consistently yearned for the Mercedes. I would spend my nights watching old movies and browsing through images of the vehicle. I even attempted to contact the current owner, who refused to sell it.
Regardless, it led me to the stage where I was prepared to begin my search for my first AMG. I was seeking a powerful and high-performance vehicle, namely a CLS63. However, when examining the market, I became aware of the scarcity of well-maintained models. I have broadened my choices to include the e63 and ml63. Undoubtedly, the ideal aspiration would be to get either a Designo specification or a facelifted CLS63. However, I am uncertain whether the United Kingdom ever had Designo facelift models, so I did not even entertain the thought.

I persisted in my search and made inquiries about further automobiles. I personally inspected around 5 to 6 vehicles, all of which were unsatisfactory, particularly considering their exorbitant prices. It is worth noting that price does not always reflect condition in the UK market. Additionally, I initiated a conversation with a forum user named Cyclone1. I had no expectations of acquiring the facelifted CLS63... Julian exhibited exceptional levels of patience, politeness, and honesty. He has made some aesthetically pleasing modifications, just as I would have done them. As I delved more into my inquiries and study, my confidence grew that it may truly become a reality and I would be able to purchase my dream automobile. While vacationing in Spain, I sent a deposit to him. The transaction proceeded seamlessly, and I am really enjoying driving the automobile.

Apologies for the lengthy narrative, but allow me to present my ideal automobile:



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Meeting you was a delightful experience, and it was particularly satisfying to sell the automobile to another individual who has a passion for it and is a member of the same forum. The automobile has a remarkable appearance due to its colour combination and subtle improvements, and you have captured an exceptional photograph.

Maximise your enjoyment.

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The automobile is quite attractive, and you can be certain that Jule's will have taken excellent care of it.
I hope that you get pleasure from it and provide us with updates on your expedition.

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