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Which engine should I choose for the C63 - the M156 or the M177?


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I apologise if there is a post that already covers this perspective, however I was unable to locate one.
However, my inquiry just pertains to the engine and does not concern the body or year of the vehicle.

I am lucky to finally receive a bonus that will allow me to purchase a C63.
In the United Kingdom, a budget ranging from 25,000 to 35,000 pounds will allow you to purchase a reasonably priced vehicle with either a 204 horsepower engine with a top speed of 6.2 seconds, or a 205 horsepower engine with a top speed of 4.0 seconds, both equipped with twin turbochargers.

Please provide your opinion on each of the following options: being in favour of M156, being in favour of M177, or having no preference (=) for either.

Dependability (including the gearbox)
Price of necessary components, if required
Analysis of stock market returns
Comparison between the Perf pack/507 and the M177 engine.
Response Docility/Tractability
Is there a high-quality exhaust system available for the M177 engine?

and maybe the most crucial aspect Which of the two options do you believe will have a higher value for collectors in 10 years?

I am seeking your assistance in making prudent financial decisions.
Thank you very much.

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The reliability of both vehicles, including their transmissions, is excellent. However, the M177 engine has a little advantage in terms of reliability.
Cost of necessary components - uncertain or unpredictable
Stock performance comparison - M177 Perf pack/507 versus M177 - in what aspect?
Reply - M156
Docility/Tractability - M156
Is there a high-performance exhaust system available for the M177 engine? The user provided the code "M156".

and perhaps the most crucial aspect Which of the two, in your opinion, would possess a higher collector value after 10 years - M156

Have you operated both vehicles? If you have not done so before, then it is necessary for you to do so. Furthermore, it is important to note that none of these options should be considered as an investment. The expenses associated with their maintenance will exceed any potential returns, particularly when factoring in the impact of inflation.

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Regarding track performance, the M156 engine is very powerful and has an ethereal and fiery nature. The process continues incessantly, continuously progressing without any inclination to halt. The vehicle has the ability to consume bumpers off a Porsche 911 turbo. It has the potential to instill a great deal of fear in others, particularly when navigating tight turns. The sight of smoke emanating from the rear tyre and flames being expelled is very remarkable when seen in rewind. If you have a sensation of being a decade younger and get pleasure from visiting amusement parks with children, then m156 is an excellent choice. Although I lack personal experience with the 4.0l, my friends will provide you with an abundance of positive feedback.

I really like this film; it is quite captivating and exhilarating.

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The automobiles are rather distinct from one other, in my opinion. There is no definitive answer as to which is superior, the engine or the automobile. The one that you like the most is considered the finest, at least for your own preference. Both have distinct and contrasting vibes. I have a strong affinity for the M156 engine's auditory and tactile characteristics.....however, would I make a purchase of such a vehicle? Unlikely....the strong sensation of torque provided by the 4.0TT (or even the 157, which was never installed in a C) is more aligned with my engine preferences.

Although I like the 204 C63, it is undeniably outdated in terms of technology, particularly the vehicle itself rather than the engine. The 204 model was introduced in 2007, which means it is already 17 years old. Additionally, it has an older style inside. Are you someone who prefers this classic interior design (which I myself enjoy), or do you prefer the current gadgets and aesthetics of the 205 model?As previously said, there is no definitive response that can be classified as correct or wrong.

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I have possessed both.
If you have a preference for traditional or retro aesthetics, go for the older engine. If you prioritise performance and driving experience, go for the latest version.
Both options are suitable based on your specific preferences and requirements.

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Furthermore, the event occurred precisely twelve years in the past.

As scarce as hen's teeth, and currently priced at least four or five times more than the OP's budget, even if one manages to locate a seller. Be realistic.

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