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The 2016 Sorento KX-3 is equipped with a satellite navigation system.


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Greetings, everyone.
I just acquired a 2016 Sorento KX-3, which is located 400 miles away from my home location. Upon entering our residential postcode, the satellite navigation system was unable to locate it, providing only the general area code (AB53 8..).
The garage informed us that as the satellite navigation system relies on satellite signals, it should have been able to locate all postcodes in our vicinity as we approached, but this did not occur.
I need to upgrade the satellite navigation system. However, I would want to know if anybody else has had this problem and if there is anything more I need do to fix it.
Thank you in advance!

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Thank you for your response, I much appreciate it.
Unfortunately, the navigation system does not provide me with the ability to complete the entry of the postcode. I am able to input the alphanumeric code AB53 8.. into the satellite navigation system, but it does not let me to enter the subsequent letter.

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