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Does anybody know how to repair chrome that is chipping off a grill?


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Today, I visited MB to purchase A2118800683, a Pre-Facelift W211 Grill for Distronic. It was informed that the product has been assigned code 48 or 49, indicating that Mercedes-Benz has discontinued its production and will not be making it again, even if it is back-ordered.

The paint on my present grill is deteriorating around the edges. I saw two items on eBay, one with peeling and the other for over £300 in used condition.

Does anybody know a method to completely remove the chrome finish in order to maybe wrap it with chrome or paint?

Thank you

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Simply bring it to a chroming factory where they will strip and re-chrome it, making it seem like new, maybe even better than its original condition.

Multiple such establishments are often found in proximity to any major urban area.

If the grill is made of plastic instead of metal, you may have a more specific issue.

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