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Malfunctioning remote key fob


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Greetings, everyone.

I own a 2004 530i vehicle and it seems that I have inadvertently caused damage to it without any knowledge of how it occurred.

Yesterday, my key fob was functioning well without any indications of a low battery.

I installed a dash cam directly into the fuse board located in the trunk and also installed a reversing camera.
During the procedure, my key ceased to communicate with the automobile.

The car's ignition is functioning well, however there is a malfunction with the remote locking/unlocking system, trunk opening mechanism, and window controls. There is nothing.
The wire is routed through the centre of the rear seat, then extends towards the driver's side and is concealed behind the black felt material towards the front of the vehicle.

I have attempted to synchronise it once again, but unfortunately, it did not provide any positive results. Furthermore, I have detached the battery, but this action did not prove to be effective.
I have eliminated the cameras and wires completely - there is nothing left. I have examined the receiver in the rear window thoroughly for any indications of moisture or corrosion - there is no evidence of either.
All fuses are in proper working condition.

While not catastrophic, when I open the door with the key, the alarm is triggered, requiring me to swiftly start the vehicle and disable the alarm.

I am quite perplexed since the signal does not resume even after removing the cameras and cables.

While I was fitting, I had the key in the ignition (in the off position). Is it conceivable that I inadvertently triggered a power surge, resulting in the battery in the key being damaged?

Has anybody else encountered this?

Thank you.


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Did you tamper with the antenna diversity module when attaching the back camera? It is positioned in the headliner near the high level brake light. Additionally, please inspect the fuses located below the glove box, namely those related to the central locking mechanism. I believe they are numbered 61, 72, 73, and 79, but there may be many others. Please refer to the accompanying card for verification.

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The first item in the picture seems to be designed for a left-handed person, but this does not necessarily imply that the module is located on the other side for right-handed individuals like us.

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Thank you for responding. I did not get into close proximity to the diversity module. Based on the information I have gathered, it seems that the most likely scenario is that I inadvertently struck a wire that had been in use for 20 years, resulting in a breakage. Once I get the opportunity, I will do a voltage test on all components to determine the issue. I neglected to consider examining the radio before, since I had established a connection using Bluetooth.
All fuses are in proper working condition, as I have thoroughly examined each one with a multimeter.

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Not through it but near. The wire is routed via a number plate light, under the liner of the boot, and then down a boot strut to reach the fuse box. I intended to use a different route by going to the other side and crossing over the boot, but the wires are unusually little in length.

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