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Battery State of Charge (SOC) and warranty


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The battery I purchased from Tanya Batteries around 15 months ago is no longer compatible with the start/stop function.
The charger was correctly replaced and reinstalled without any issues.
The car has reached its optimal operating temperature and all conditions necessary for the start/stop function to activate have been fulfilled. However, the MOT system is still not functioning. Retrieved real-time data, indicating a state of charge (SOC) of 65.1% and a voltage of 12.6 volts.
Verified the functionality of the alternator and saw a voltage output of 14.6 volts.
I believe that the battery's capacity has diminished, which may be covered by the guarantee.
Contacted Tanya and received an immediate response, although...

To fulfil the requirement, you must dispatch it to them, ensuring it is packaged in a manner that meets their specifications. Additionally, a fee of £20 must be paid, and you should anticipate a minimum waiting period of 5 days. They claim that if they are able to correctly charge the battery, then the guarantee will be void. They made an effort to assist by recommending the purchase of an identical battery and thereafter sending the defective one for warranty. However, in the absence of a guarantee, I would own two batteries and be required to spend the whole amount along with an additional £20.

I get that to some extent, however the many manipulations, customised packing, and prolonged waiting period are all factors that complicate the situation. In retrospect, I regret not investing a little more amount at a brick-and-mortar garage that may have expedited the warranty process.

When just the OBD port was active, the voltage decreased to 12.4 volts and the state of charge (SOC) plummeted to 64% within a short period of time.

The automobile exhibits no significant problem as it consistently starts immediately, regardless of low temperatures or extended periods of inactivity. I decided to test the warranty.

What are your opinions on the necessary SOC (State of Charge) levels for the operation of a start/stop system?
What are your opinions and personal experiences about warranties?

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Obtaining a guarantee for a battery from my motor supplier was a straightforward process. Last year, when I charged the battery in my wife's motor, it became apparent that one of the cells had malfunctioned.I presented the invoice and had no difficulties in exchanging it.

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These items are manufactured in large quantities and at reduced prices in order to meet the high demand.
Due to their lower production cost, these products do have a reduced lifespan.
Therefore, it is a matter of obtaining recurring customers.
If individuals were willing to invest more on products crafted from superior materials that provide greater durability, some firms would face significant decline in their market performance.
I am at the stage of life when my mother purchased a Hoover twin tub washing machine, which remained functional for almost 20 years.Transmitted via successive generations.
Currently, it is considered fortunate if you are able to use a single item for a duration of 5 years.
It sustains the economy and ensures the continuity of sweatshop operations.
In 20 years, modern automobiles will have undergone three cycles of recycling and will no longer be present for admiration.The polymers would have been used to create a 23-foot vibrator.
However, there remains no action under your control. You may attempt to assert a warranty claim, similar to Matt.He has to purchase the necessary items and patiently await the outcome. In the meanwhile, he might consider other means of transportation.Will they be liable to compensate for any inconvenience if the product is determined to be defective?
I disagree.
We all just endure the situation and see it as a learning lesson.

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