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Immediate guidance required about the purchase of a 2010 320D for the Mrs.


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Hello everyone,

Immediate guidance is required.

I am interested in seeing an automobile today for my wife and would really appreciate your guidance over this specific vehicle.

The automobile is good.

The 2010 320D LCI has a clock value of 162,000.
The timing chain was recently changed due to a break, and he said that the rocker cover gasket and exhaust flexi were also damaged. When I inquired about any engine damage, he stated that the rockers themselves were the ones that were affected. However, all issues have been resolved and the vehicle is now in good condition.

This is the individual from whom I purchased my touring vehicle. He is a competent individual who also repairs BMWs. When I purchased my car and it began to experience rough idle one day later, he offered to inspect the car and offered to provide any necessary parts at no cost. I suggested that I take it to my mechanic for inspection, and at that time, he suggested performing an eGR and dPF operation. However, I ultimately decided against this option. Additionally, he generously reimbursed me £100 for the operation and remaping.
Regardless, he is sufficiently respectable and we have developed a somewhat amicable relationship. He is a family-oriented individual who has moral principles and integrity.

Currently, I have been searching for a vehicle for my wife for many months. However, I am facing difficulties since I have messed up the gearbox in her Honda Civic, which we have had for 8 years. The cunning clogs caused a change in her drive shaft, resulting in excessive oil leakage and a faulty box.

He is prepared to take the civic exam in PX, despite being informed of all the incorrect information.

His car is very good condition bodywork as is my touring,spec wise it’s identical oyster heated seats (m sport seats in this although it’s not a msport car) but this has idrive and is auto which my Mrs is liking and I’m surprised she’s entertaining a car with 162k but it’s coz she loves how comfortable my touring is and this car is in lovely condition and spec is great too and timing chain now done, bare in mind we just need it to last a year at that price and mileage but if it lasts longer happy days, so rather then her spending £5-6k on a civic we can’t find spec wise this gets rid of her old civic ok less then what we want for it but gets her that bmw for the mean time for a lot less then 2k..

Apologies for the personal anecdote, which is now of importance to me.

I understand that the vehicle has travelled much and will likely need cleaning of the intake system, as I have done on my own vehicle. However, my main worry is the timing chain.

Currently, he and his mechanic partner are responsible for replacing chains on several BMWs, including petrol and diesel models. They possess extensive expertise about BMWs.

During my tour, he changed the chain due to its loudness and failure to break. However, he claimed that it did indeed snap. I inquired if it had caused damage to the piston and valves, but he said that this is not the typical outcome.

According to him, the rockers located under the cam shaft are often affected when the chain breaks. Therefore, he replaced the chain, a portion of the rockers, and a new rocker cover gasket. As a result, the vehicle now operates accurately and the engine is functioning properly.

Could someone verify the accuracy of his statement, since I have come across reports of valve and piston damage in other individuals, although I may be mistaken.

Today, I will do my own investigation and examine the automobile, which is located 15 miles away from me. The individual seems to be a trustworthy and friendly person who is willing to assist me with my travel arrangements. Although I have managed to resolve the issue, I am not familiar with the person in question. Nevertheless, he appears to be a pleasant individual.

Is he correct in his statement concerning the symptoms and damage caused by timing chain failure? He said that it may get exaggerated, and the damage he mentioned is often the main problem.

Thank you in advance, everyone.

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To provide an update, I observed the vehicle and drove it proficiently. The autobox functioned well, and I was able to shift gears as required without any issues. I neglected to try the car in manual mode, but I can always do so if I want to purchase it or reassess it.

The engine exhibited no chain noise or any other auditory disturbances.
Executed exceptionally, the power was evident and exerted a significant force.

The automobile belongs to a single owner, and all the information he provided aligns with the car's condition, which is satisfactory.

The only problem was the activation of the tyre pressure sensor.

Upon running ITSA, the defects were first identified in the sidelight bulbs. However, all of them have been resolved, leaving just the issue related to the telephone system.

I had a further conversation with him on the problem of the chain breaking. He informed me that he has only ever had to fix the cam shaft carrier component of an engine, as well as the rockers. Specifically, he said that just one rocker was damaged on this particular engine.

According to him, the valves remain undamaged and do not cause damage to the pistons in these engines due to their straight configuration from the head to the bottom end. However, he noted that damage typically occurs in the cam shaft carrier and rockers, based on his experience. In other brands of cars, damage tends to occur at the bottom end because the inlet, where the valves operate, is angled. Please note that I may be mistaken about the names or descriptions of the components.

Mrs. operated the vehicle and expressed a positive opinion of it, and she is willing to proceed if I want it (there is no sense of pressure in that regard).

Considering the amount he is requesting and proposing for the Civic, it would be more advantageous for me to sell the Civic and purchase his BMW instead.

The only concern is whether the steering on his car is a problem or if it is normal. He previously informed me about this issue and mentioned that his 2011-12 car has an electronic steering pump, while his 2010 car has a hydraulic pump, resulting in a slightly stiffer steering system. The steering is still usable, but it is slightly stiffer. The car functions smoothly, but it requires more forceful input. I am indifferent to the need for a new pipe or pump, but is it considered typical or should I do a more thorough investigation?

I appreciate your early thanks, everyone.

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He is accurate in his statement that I have completed several chains without encountering any valve problems. According to him, valves are forced upwards, causing the rockers to shatter. If the valves are pushed at a higher speed, they may also fracture the cam carrier.

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Dear Kenjibb,

Camera carrier That is the intended message I intended to convey. In that case, he is correct. Thank you, Johnny.

The engine was functioning well. My main worry was the condition of the turbo and injectors at 160k. The turbo seemed to be functioning OK, but I would need to inspect it again and remove the intake pipe to verify its performance. The technician confirmed that there are no problems with the injectors and no faults were detected on the ISTA.

Tomorrow, I plan to thoroughly examine the product and do a test drive for around one hour to identify any potential issues.

He is a trustworthy individual who has expressed his willingness to provide a complete refund if the vehicle breaks, particularly if it is connected to the chain or if the turbo is malfunctioning. Additionally, he is willing to replace the component if it is a minor problem and he has the necessary parts.

He is a commendable individual.

Tomorrow, I will return to inspect the automobile. Mrs. is familiar with it and appreciates its pricing. If I continue to do all the necessary maintenance, similar to what I am doing for my own vehicle, it would not be surprising if the car accumulates above 200,000 kilometres.

The sole task I desire to undertake is to have the injectors replaced on both my own vehicle and the prospective car. Given the mileage of the vehicles, I am aware that I should refrain from tampering with them if they are not functioning properly. However, I am tempted to attempt this task myself, including using an ultrasonic cleaner, which may be beyond my expertise. Nevertheless, I am intrigued by the prospect of acquiring knowledge in this area.

Another individual I am acquainted with who repairs BMWs had a vehicle that I intended to purchase. However, it was sold before I returned to him. The vehicle had a chain-operated clutch and new injectors, resulting in a quiet engine resembling petrol. I was quite pleased by this automobile. Fortunately, the car was sold, and I was fortunate enough to get a tourer as a compromise.

Furthermore, this BMW performed quite well. He said that it is the 184bhp variant and it exhibited fantastic performance, making me wish that the lump was there in my tourer. I informed Mrs. that if we get it, I would have the seats, engine, and any other superior features.

Although the car is an automobile, I cannot contemplate remapping it due to the potential troubles that auto boxes may encounter after being mapped. Given the mileage, I am unwilling to take the risk of such issues with a low-cost vehicle. To be honest, the current condition of the car is satisfactory.

I will provide an update on the outcome of the second viewing and whether or not I decide to purchase it. After searching for a vehicle for two months, I have determined that we only want a Honda. However, due to the price range of £5-6k, it is a matter of waiting for the appropriate car to come along. Therefore, this may be the solution for now.

Once again, Kenjibb, I appreciate your confirmation, which is really welcomed.

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Frankly, I would only change injectors or turbo if they present any problems. As long as the vehicle is properly maintained, there is no reason why it won't reach a mileage of 200k or more. When I sold my wife's 320d tourer, it was nearing the 200k mark. It is still in good condition with the original injectors and turbo.
One of the contributing factors to its success is the presence of an auto box, since the performance of the engine significantly varies between manual and automatic modes. The additional power is evident, yet, in my perspective, the auto gearbox fundamentally alters the manner in which the engine transmits power.

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Thank you, Kenjibb, for your valuable advice. In all honesty, the autobox performed exceptionally well and the power delivery was excellent. As a result, I have scheduled another test drive, this time for a longer duration. I will take the vehicle on the motorway and drive it for approximately one hour to assess any potential issues. I am aware that it is necessary to clean the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and intake system, regardless of whether it causes problems. It is likely that this task

The individual selling the vehicle would personally transport it to me, since he was the one who drove it. Furthermore, he explicitly said that any problems should be brought back for a complete refund, which is an exceptionally reasonable request.

Thank you one again, Kenjibb.

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Acquired some knowledge today, however I would want to ask a few further questions, if I am allowed to do so.

Initially, I mentioned that the steering feels somewhat rigid. This 2010 model is equipped with a hydraulic ps pump, whereas mine is electric. However, I believe it should not be excessively rigid. I believe the wheel does re-center itself, but I will verify this during a test drive. Based on my limited research, I speculate that it could be a steering guibo, fluid change, or a problem with the rack or pump. Has anyone had any experience with this? Having driven several slightly older e90s, I have observed that the steering on this particular vehicle is noticeably more rigid than the others. I am confident that there is a need to address this issue, as it is a reasonably priced car with a high mileage but satisfactory overall condition and specifications. Therefore, I am willing to invest a small amount of money to rectify this problem. My only concern with the car thus far is the steering stiffness. I will consult the seller once more to obtain their opinion. However, if anyone has prior experience with this matter, I would greatly appreciate your advice.

Furthermore, there is a concern with the autobox oil change. While I am not well-versed in this matter, it is worth noting that BMW claims to provide oil for life. However, there have been instances when individuals have changed the oil on these vehicles periodically, resulting in a cost of 160,000 euros, without any documented evidence of prior oil changes. Is it advisable to refrain from tampering with the box if it is not experiencing any problems, or would it be prudent to invest a few hundred dollars in having it serviced for the sake of piece of mind?

Assistance Is it necessary to contemplate the implementation of a new sump that has an integrated filter and 6.5 litres of appropriate oil?

If it is the case, I will enlist the services of a professional for this task solely due to its enhanced accessibility on a ramp. During the filling phase, I anticipate the need to cycle through the gears, reset the adaptation on the box, and make other necessary adjustments based on my research. Subsequently, I will allow the gearbox to rest for a brief period while it acclimates to our driving preferences.

These are my final concerns regarding the purchase of this car. If someone could provide me with advice, I would greatly appreciate it. However, if I am going to buy this car for the other half, I need to thoroughly consider all aspects. Failure to do so could result in significant pain. I simply want her to be fully informed about all potential actions and considerations, and to carefully evaluate them collectively. With a budget of £5-6k, we are willing to consider acquiring a more affordable vehicle rather than hastily investing £5-6 on a car that does not align with her whole preferences.

Thank you once again for the valuable input, everyone. It is really appreciated.

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The hydraulic powertrain control system (PAS) seems to be more rigid compared to the electric variants. However, without personally experiencing it in the vehicle, it is difficult to determine whether this is a typical occurrence. The concept of not being self-centered does not resonate with me. It is advisable to inspect the tyres, pressures, and alignment at first.

Gearbox service is a subject of debate, with some advocating for leaving it undisturbed if there are no problems, while others advocate for servicing it. Personally, I am undecided since my previous 535d was functioning well but had a slippage between the second and third days following servicing. However, it is possible that this might be a mere coincidence. The resetting of adaptations is a necessary step, since it involves more than just cycling the gears. The ZF box requires a specialised replenishment technique.

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