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The circuit for the ambient air temperature sensor is experiencing a fault with error code P0070.


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Greetings, everyone. I own a 2016 model Vauxhall Insignia equipped with a 2.0-liter diesel engine. I am experiencing an issue with my temperature control/HVAC system. Approximately one year ago, I collided with a deer, and subsequently, I have had ongoing effects. Whenever I activate the heating or air conditioning, the cooling fans immediately turn on. Indeed, I am aware that when the air conditioning system is activated, the cooling fans are intended to work. However, I have seen that even when I switch on the heating function, the cooling fans immediately activate at a high speed. Despite turning off the air conditioning or heating fully, the cooling fans persistently operate at high speed and only cease functioning when I turn off the vehicle, lock it, and return to it after about five minutes. This issue has already caused my alternator to malfunction. Currently, I am apprehensive about using the heating system, particularly in this frigid climate, due to concerns about the electrical current and the strain it will have on the continuously running cooling fans. The only failure code detected by the diagnostic system is P0070, indicating a circuit issue with the Ambient Air Temperature Sensor.

I have replaced the sensor with a new, authentic sensor and also replaced the wire loom with a new, authentic one. However, the error code persists even after clearing it. According to my online research, the presence of the P0070 fault code can affect the functioning of the air conditioning and heating system. This could explain why the cooling fans are constantly running and why the electronic control unit (ECU) activates the fans as soon as the AC or heating system is turned on, as the fault code is stored in the system. All sensors are functioning well, including the Ambient air temperature sensor.

Is there anybody who can assist me since I have completely lost faith?
Thank you.

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To clarify, let me explain it in a straightforward manner.If the code appears immediately, it indicates a malfunctioning sensor.If the issue arises after a period of time, there is a potential for a wiring malfunction.
Yours is being addressed immediately, since it is a result of a component malfunction.Based on that trouble code.and the diagnostic troubleshooting.
Does the EML illuminate?
Due to the potential disagreement between the intake air temperature and the ambient air temperature, the code has the ability to trigger the illumination of the eml if the values are out of range.
Have you conducted real-time data analysis to determine the current intake air temperature?The current ambient temperature is unknown.

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The problem I am facing is to an incident that occurred around one year ago, whereby I collided with a deer. My air conditioning condenser was harmed. I have substituted the air conditioning condenser and radiator. Since then, whenever I use the climate system, whether it's heaters or AC, the cooling fans operate at high speed. No error codes were detected and all real-time data measurements were within normal parameters.

Thus far, I have made the following modifications in an attempt to remedy the problem of the cooling fans running continuously while I use the climate system.

Recently acquired air conditioning condenser
Replacement radiator
Recently installed components include a new radiator temperature sensor, a new cylinder head temperature sensor, and a new thermostat housing.
Updated air conditioning pressure sensor
Pre-owned cooling fan housing in excellent functional condition
Examined all the wiring for the cooling fan and confirmed that it is in proper working order.

Due to the current cold weather, I am unable to drive without using my heaters since it is very chilly. Consequently, I connected the diagnostics tool to check for any error codes and discovered the presence of the ambient air temperature sensor circuit fault with code p0070.

I attempted to use a functional ambient temperature sensor that I had connected, but the error persisted. I purchased a new wire loom and a new ambient air temperature sensor, both of which are authentic. After resetting the codes, the code reappears virtually instantly. I am unable to comprehend the reason behind the issue, since I have resolved any potential problems with the wiring by purchasing an authentic wire loom. Additionally, I have ruled out the possibility of a malfunctioning sensor by testing two previously used sensors that are in working condition, as well as a brand new, legitimate sensor. The temperature shown on my screen seems satisfactory, but I am uncertain about the necessary steps to resolve this problem completely.

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Prior to making any more contributions on this topic, it is customary to provide an introduction.
Since you joined in August, it is likely that you have been seeking for solutions and have encountered this several times.

Prior to proceeding, kindly go to the area designated for new members and provide a formal introduction of yourself.

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Indeed, I have already perused your first message, hence there is no need for you to repeat it.
It seems that you are indiscriminately applying components without doing a thorough examination and analysis.
I have provided you with the diagnosis of that error code, however as you said, you have replaced the ambient temperature sensor many times.
However, what you failed to mention is that one item was brand new and the other two were previously owned.
Furthermore, you have made alterations to other sections.Additionally, this information was excluded in the first post.
As previously mentioned, if the code returns immediately, it indicates a malfunction with the sensor.If the problem reoccurs over a period of time, then it is likely due to a wiring malfunction.
What is the relationship between replacing all the other pieces and the code? I am uncertain, but the code is specifically related to the sensor and does not include any other components or functions.
If, after a year, you find yourself still at the same starting point, have you considered hiring an automotive electrician?
Indeed, we possess a substantial amount of knowledge, but it is you who is actively engaged in the task at hand.Have you thoroughly inspected all the wiring? Are you referring to power ground and reference voltages?
If you have already taken all possible actions, it implies that you have reached the limit of your efforts. It is evident that just changing components may be costly, especially when the underlying issue persists.

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All of the aforementioned pieces were replaced due to a collision with a deer. The whole task was executed with a high level of professionalism. However, since the occurrence with the deer, the cooling fans have been operating continuously. The live data readings are satisfactory. Despite the presence of the P0070 signal, which suggests a defective sensor, the sensor is functioning properly. The cable leading to the sensor is recently installed, and the ambient sensor itself is also fresh. Therefore, it is perplexing as to why the code continues to reappear. An auto electrician has inspected the vehicle and has determined that there are no visible issues as everything seems to be in proper condition.

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