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Query about BMW E90 320i


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I have some inquiries for you all and would appreciate your assistance.

Purchased a 2008 320i at a discounted price because of the low oil pressure warning light. Considering the cost, it was a worthwhile risk.

I saw that the light would illuminate around 15-20 minutes after the automobile was started.

Therefore... I removed the oil cover and inspected the chain for slack, but found none. The chain seems taut and well-fitted.

I have performed an oil change and replaced the oil filter on the vehicle. Now, here is where things becomes intriguing.

There were 13 litres of oil in the automobile.
I was surprised to see that the oil seemed to be in excellent condition, free of any metal particles, which I had learned would indicate a problem if present. The oil filter was worn, but no metal fragments or similar debris were found.

The oil filter was replaced, and about 4.5 litres of oil were added to the automobile.

It has been 2 days and the low oil pressure indicator has not illuminated at all.

Can we attribute the cause to the 13 litres of oil?

verbose message I would appreciate any answers and thank you for taking the time to read!

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Would a budget-friendly BMW-specific code reader like the Creator C310+ provide live data including oil pressure readings?

Seems encouraging!


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If it returns, it will lead to one of two options:

1) Timing chain directs residue obstructing the sump pick up, whether present or prior.
2) Align the balance shafts with the oil pump.

I have experienced both situations in the past. The time/distance you drive is the duration it takes for the residue to create sufficient low pressure. After stopping and waiting, restarting the process causes any remaining residue to settle to the bottom of the sump. Despite the lack of light, everything seems to be functioning well. Repeat. Uncertain about the impact of the balance shafts, however low pressure is an indication when all other components are functioning well. Install a new pump or remove the shafts, then secure the holes with suitable bolts.

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Thank you for the responses. I just completed an 80-mile journey and the issue did not occur, indicating that the problem may have been caused by an excessive amount of oil in the automobile. Before the oil change, the warning light illuminated every time I used the vehicle.

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