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W211 E280 gearbox problems


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Hello everyone,

I would appreciate any input from the group. Our 2009 W211e280 sport has just reached 100k miles and had been problem-free until yesterday. After driving 40 miles, I got home and noticed a minor clunk when I placed the vehicle in reverse. While reversing, it seemed like the brakes were sticking at low speed. Upon starting the engine, the vehicle experiences mild jolts and judders while moving at lower speeds. Additionally, there is a sensation of the engine surging slightly while in park. It operates smoothly when driving and changes through the gears adequately. Choosing the opposite option allows me to detect a binding noise. If it were a front-wheel-drive automobile, I would suspect that the drive shafts could be deteriorating, but obviously, this is not the case. The garage where we have it serviced is closed until Monday. I will attempt to use a code reader on it. Does it seem like the torque converter is failing?

I would appreciate any guidance or tips.


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I have received several recommendations about the ATF adjustment for my 2009 W211 E280 CDI Sports Estate.
I purchased the automobile with 111,000 miles on the odometer.
The previous history of ATF changes was ambiguous.
Soon after buying it, I had the ATF replaced and a new filter installed.
The current mileage is 190,000 miles.
The use has been a combination of motorway and urban driving.
I have completed all routine maintenance tasks myself... Aside from ATF and filter replacements.
I just had another ATF and filter replacement performed by my reliable garage.
Everything is fine.
Functions just as well as the day I purchased it.

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Consider examining the ATF level and inspect for leaking at the pilot bush if it is low.

ATF servicing is essential and should be done promptly.

If the parking brake system is utilised, I would recommend having it inspected.

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Today, I took the automobile to the garage, and they thoroughly inspected it to identify the source of the vibration. The ATF was inspected and found to be clean and fresh, which is reassuring. The engine and gearbox mounts have been inspected and found to be in good condition. However, attention is now directed on the pulley at the front of the engine, which seems to be shaking and might be the cause of the issue. Hopefully.

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