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How to fix seat recline issue with icarsoft?


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Greetings, everyone.
My wife and I just purchased a pre-owned E350CDI Coupe with a 2012 registration to replace our stolen vehicle. The example seems to be well-organized and clear, although there are a few minor issues.
1 - The start-stop function is not functioning (forums suggest it may be due to a battery issue).
Both front seats recline completely but do not go upright sufficiently. Especially challenging for a woman who is of small stature and loves sitting in an upright posture.
I have read various information on this and other sites and have attempted the simple solutions of moving all the way back and holding for an additional 5 seconds while listening for clicks. Additionally, doing the exercise in an upright position and repeating it many times has not been effective for us, unfortunately. Additionally attempted to disconnect the cords from the seat controller located beneath the seat, waited for a minute, and then reattempted. Failed again. Both chairs have memory functions that operate properly. Both chairs move in all directions smoothly, indicating that malfunctioning switches are improbable.
I have come across information regarding dealers using STAR or professionals utilising Xentry, as well as having SD reset performed (whatever that entails 🀣).
I have also come across information stating that the icarsoft mb is a cost-effective and reliable tool. Considering purchasing a new or pre-owned iCarsoft kit to reset seats.

Has this been effective for anyone? Can someone with an iCarsoft MB version confirm whether it has this feature?

Is the tool user-friendly as suggested? Do you have clear instructions? Is the support service satisfactory?

Seeking assistance to really appreciate our new Ecoupe.

Thank you in advance.
Ecstatic couple 😊

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Icarsoft is helpful for diagnosing flaws in modules, however it lacks the capability and software for coding or reprogramming modules.

To access Star / Xentry, which is not legally accessible to the public, and perform necessary coding, a connection to MB Germany must be established.

If you own automobiles from different manufacturers within your family, the icarsoft Max, albeit being somewhat pricier, offers software that is compatible with several brands. Keep in mind that there are several OBD readers on the market with varying capabilities. Icarsoft is functional yet quite cumbersome to use.

Is there a Mercedes independent expert located close to your home?

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I often ponder why individuals choose to indicate their location as the UK instead of specifying the neighbouring city. If we had a general idea of your location, we might suggest a place that could provide assistance.

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Thank you for your informative response. It seems that icarsoft may not be a worthwhile investment for me in this situation.
A visit to a neighbouring independent establishment may be in order. We are unsure about the location since we are now in the northeast (County Durham).


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In my situation, I was uncertain about the meaning of the question location. Determine the specificity of the requested location. If it specified "city" or "start of postcode," there would be less room for misunderstanding, as was the case with me.
Our location is in County Durham. I am seeking recommendations for a professional with expertise in Star or Xentry software nearby who can provide assistance at a fair price.

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