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Query: Is it advisable to purchase a pre-owned Yaris MK3 2017 model with a 1.5L automatic petrol engine?


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I am now seeking to purchase my first automobile in the United Kingdom. After careful consideration, I selected the Toyota Yaris 3rd Generation (2017 model) with an upgraded 1.5L Petrol engine and automatic gearbox. I need an automobile that is dependable and devoid of any issues or complications. 🤣

During my visits to several Toyota major dealerships, I have seen a number of approved-used automobiles. I am perplexed by the presence of rust on the suspension, springs, and lower arms of these cars, particularly in the wheel arches region and beyond the alloy rim. Is it very probable to find an automobile without corrosion in the UK? This led me to the following inquiries:

    Is the presence of rust on the suspension, spring, or lower arm considered acceptable? Will driving it for another 5 years or 50000 miles result in significant problems?
    I think purchasing a pre-owned Toyota that has been officially authorised is typically considered a secure option.

I am being extremely cautious in my selection process after discovering that a dealership, which claims to be 'official', has a vehicle that was serviced by an independent garage under the previous owner. The maintenance stamp indicates that the intervals between services were over 15000 miles, which is quite significant. The previous owner tried to persuade me that the independent garage used official Toyota recommended parts during the servicing, thus ensuring that the warranty remains valid. Undoubtedly, I will not choose this unit since maintaining it beyond 10,000 miles would result in severe degradation of the engine oil and erosion of the engine and metal components.

Nevertheless, I am of the opinion that doing thorough research and investigation will enable me to get a unit that provides me with a sense of tranquilly and assurance.

Has anybody have experience dealing with a primary dealer? What is your overall experience?

Thank you.image.thumb.png.c082dda9c1ea9b74955f6c7b0720a32e.png


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Rust, an undesirable element, may often be found in the wheel regions of many automobiles owing to the presence of road salt, which significantly contributes to its formation. Regular vehicle washing and maintenance effectively eliminate several pollutants that might cause rust formation.

Will continuing to drive the automobile for a further 5 years result in significant problems? Providing a definitive response is challenging since shock or spring failures might be caused by factors other than merely rust. If the rust is just on the surface, it may be removed by wire brushing and then coated with a protective layer, which can provide long-lasting protection for many years.

Your attention to detail is apparent in your remark of your thorough investigation, as shown by your observation of the wheels and your adherence to the required mileage service intervals. The experience with Toyota major dealers might vary depending on the person and their own reasons for expressing dissatisfaction or satisfaction. This topic has been extensively deliberated in several threads on this site.

Thus far, my personal encounter has been favourable, and the procedure of purchasing the automobile and its condition upon acquisition were just as I anticipated. Nevertheless, our assessment was based on the manner in which we had been handled, and all inquiries were addressed and supported by documentation.

While MOT's and service records, as well as receipts and warranties, are crucial factors in the purchasing process, the ultimate choice is often influenced by the overall appearance and experience of the automobile during a test drive. When purchasing a vehicle that is 6 or 7 years old, it is important to have a practical understanding that it will not be in brand new condition and may have imperfections due to its age.

The individual budget will be crucial in the process, as will the understanding that more funds will be necessary for any desired enhancements and future upkeep.

Undoubtedly, it is feasible to purchase an automobile in the UK that is devoid of rust. However, the likelihood of finding such a vehicle depends upon the level of care it has received.

Purchasing a pre-owned automobile from an authorised Toyota dealership often results in a favourable encounter. However, I would highly recommend reviewing a dealer's feedback before to scheduling a visit.

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Interacting with authorised dealers might be unpredictable and inconsistent. While several items are of high quality, others are really poor, surpassing the disappointment of purchasing a wreck vehicle at a car auction. Exercise caution and refrain from placing faith in either the individuals or their automobiles. Ensure that you inspect the automobile meticulously on your own.
There is no need to be concerned about the rust on the black metal pieces, unless it is extreme. The photo shows usual corrosion, which is not a problem. Inspect the body panels and chassis for signs of corrosion, since these are the primary sources of potential issues. Rust-free vehicles in the UK are seldom seen, since they are automobiles that have never been driven on highways during winter and have been registered in areas far from coastal towns. The engine compartments and undercarriage are often kept clean.
If you get your vehicle serviced at the primary dealer, you will receive an additional year or 10,000 miles of warranty coverage.
Best regards 

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As stated before, the Toyota trademark itself does not have any inherent significance. It is necessary to evaluate each dealer on an individual basis. Inspect the automobile as you would when purchasing from an unregulated garage. The "Used Approved" label does not ensure quality or thorough examination for defects; it just indicates that the car has been serviced inside the Toyota network.

Preventing rust on a Yaris might be challenging because Even my Mk4 vehicle has corrosion on several components, despite my ownership of it for a mere 3 years! It is crucial to determine if the rust is superficial or affecting the structure. Personally, I like to assess this by probing the rusted areas with a screwdriver. However, it is worth noting that many automobile salespeople may not permit such inspections.

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As previously said, providing a definitive response to that question is challenging. Without information on the mileage of the automobile, it is possible that the strut may need to be replaced due to rust before it reaches the end of its lifespan. In any case, it is not a significant issue as it is essentially a securely attached component.

The challenging aspect is in the occurrence of body rust at the mounting locations, particularly at the top. (I am uncertain about the Yaris' susceptibility to this issue, since it has been a prevalent problem in other automobiles in the past.) Repairing it correctly might be quite a laborious task. My Carina did not pass its MOT test when it was around 15 years old and had driven 250,000 miles. The failure was due to a problem at the upper part of the rear wheel-arches where the springs are connected. The expense of repairing it would have much beyond the worth of the vehicle, thereby regrettably ending its existence.

Upon inspecting the struts of my 2018 vehicle, I saw no evidence of rust in the area shown in your photograph. However, it is worth noting that the vehicle has only accumulated around 23,000 kilometres, so this may not be representative of the average condition.

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The potential problem will not arise since the automobile will fail its MOT before the issue can manifest. However, the other parts of the car seem to be in excellent condition, which is promising.

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