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Developed a wireless phone charger as a replacement for the CD player on the first generation model.


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Similar to many others, I found the CD player in my Gen 1 to be somewhat ineffective, particularly after I had swapped the original stereo/head-unit with a Maestro Carplay unit from a third-party manufacturer. Lately, the weather in Indiana has been rather chilly, allowing me the opportunity to retrieve my CD player and contemplate strategies for integrating a phone holder and charger into my car's interior.

I began the task by removing the CD player and the rear parcel shelf:


Upon careful examination of the plastic trim ring, I determined that I had the capability to create a three-dimensional digital model and then produce a replacement using a three-dimensional printer. This replacement would effectively occupy the space formerly occupied by the CD player. I acquired an ultra-slim wireless charger that operates via a USB C cable. I strategically positioned the cable through the centre console and connected it to the ashtray cigarette lighter using a right-angle USB C adaptor, ensuring enough space for the ashtray lid to be securely closed.

Initial trim component:


The first iteration of Fusion 360 has a cavity designed to accommodate a wireless charger, as well as a platform to securely hold a phone against it.






Below is the visual representation of the component when it was printed:



Upon conducting a test fit, I discovered that the back portion of the plate, which gradually narrows down to a square surface intended to rest against a CD player that is no longer there, does not need such intricate design. After making a few modifications, we have arrived at the final component, which now has a much simplified rear section that can be easily connected to the parcel shelf.



(Due to reaching the maximum capacity for attachments, please go to the subsequent post below for more photographs.)



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The wireless charger was a great fit and was securely placed on the rear parcel shelf using zip ties and a makeshift gasket.





The final result appears and functions flawlessly. The phone is securely secured and charges well!





This update is excellent and I believe it does not need any modifications, save maybe a carbon fibre dip or wrap, but I am now satisfied with the black plastic.





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I want to create a redesigned dead-pedal for Gen 1 that will provide more space for the left leg to comfortably rest closer to the front of the automobile. I will create an own thread for this topic.

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Impressive achievement! I am engaged in a comparable activity. I replaced the AMI unit with a single din cubby and now I am considering installing a device in that space to provide phone charging functionality.

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Thank you!

Similarly, I too contemplated this matter - the cubby seemed to be a favourable concept, although I encountered two concerns with it:

1. Inserting and removing your phone from the slot may be a challenge, especially when reaching behind your shoulder. To ensure proper charging on the pad, it is necessary to discover a method to position the phone accurately in the designated area, considering that the cubby is much bigger than the phone.

2. You would need to devise a method to secure the phone in a stationary position to prevent it from moving. There are clearly methods to resolve this.

3. There would be plenty more slot capacity, since your phone would use just a certain amount of space. I was unable to determine further items that I could include in order to fully use the available space.

Please provide me with updates about the progress and outcome of your situation.

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The stereo I just acquired has comprehensive wireless carplay and Android Auto integration. Consequently, I no longer need visual access to my phone screen while driving, since all relevant information is conveniently shown on the stereo screen.

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Is there anybody proficient in designing a cubby/storage box using a 3D printer file that can accommodate the CD player? Although I am not proficient in this area, my children much like printing. I would gladly put my phone or GoPro camera in the cubby for safekeeping.

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