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Did I inadvertently overlook the matter of engine oil?


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Greetings, everyone!

I started on a quest to gather knowledge about engine oils, grades, and related topics, which led me into a rabbit hole.

The most recent services The dealer invoice indicates the use of 0w30 engine oil. Upon retrieving previous bills, it was seen that the 5w30 has been substituted with the 0w30. After unsuccessful attempts to contact the service department due to their preoccupation in adjusting the miniskirt, I resorted to searching on Google. I want to revisit the dealer at a later juncture.

It has been some years, but I have seen that sellers in the UK previously using 5w40. The M automobiles have distinct characteristics.

I have received guidance indicating that the LL04 has been removed from all prominent oil brands at the 5w30 grade. Currently, LL04 is only offered in the 0w30 grade. The formerly unauthorised cross-referencing of the DEXOS and DEXOS2 grades with the LongLife4 grades has now been legally separated, if desired. It is possible to get a DEXOS/2 grade at both the 0w30 and 5w30 levels. Only the LL04 at 0w30 grade is available.

I am now engaged in a process of observation, inquiry, and contemplation around the brevity of the miniskirt.

Perhaps it is just me, but I believe that the thinner oil is causing the engine to produce noise.

Could you kindly provide arguments?

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What is the amount? What is your experience?

Most people comprehend the various grades of oils, save for 0w30 in the UK. Does the climate make it too thin? Are there any advantages to using thinner oils? Is there a change in the detergents and other related products?

I am curious as to why the LL04 has been removed from the 5w30 grade, but the DEXOS has not. Do you have any suggestions? I have always believed that LongLife4 (BMW) is comparable or same to DEXOS (GM). No, it is evidently not at now.

I have a partially completed email. I am contemplating the possibility of submitting it to BMW HO and prominent oil corporations in order to ascertain the outcome. Please share any legitimate comments you have, and I will include them in the email. There are some noteworthy aspects that merit consideration.

Am I the only one capable of seeing this?

Please go with sharing your opinions.

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At that moment... Subject currently under progress.

The specification of LongLife04 (BMW) has consistently aligned with that of DEXOS/2 (GM).

Evidently, the oil specs have undergone modifications in conjunction with the grade. To clarify, LL04 is now only accessible in 0w30.

Your remarks about mineral engine oils in the Land Rover are intriguing, albeit they pertain to an other subject.

I provide services via my dealer. The service history and resale values are my preferred options. However, during the periodic maintenance, I would replace the engine oil and filter. This is around 5,000 miles. If the dealer were to add 0w30 to my prior vehicle, an e92 M57, I would choose to apply Castrol Edge 5w40 at the midpoint, if you want. I saw that the engine required more time to attain the working temperatures while using 5w40, which seemed somewhat lower based on the gauge. Additionally, the engine exhibited a much reduced noise level. I had always believed that the engine was adequately lubricated.

I now own a f32 m57. Short distance. The dealer just placed a deposit of 0w30, and I am uncertain whether it is the appropriate choice for us in the UK. During steep acceleration, I experience a significant amount of noise from a very noiseless diesel engine.

I have acquired the greater mileage option and a 5w40 grade, which is now outside the specified requirements. It is intriguing to inquire if individuals who own vehicles with greater mileage would persist in using that oil despite it being officially deemed out of specification.

I am now contemplating the optimal choice of oil. 0w30 is analogous to water. The 5w30 has a little "film" or oil-like texture. The synthetic oil known as 5w40 may be readily identified on the fingers. The sensation is akin to that of an oil.

The spanner in action is that I came across a YouTube video in which a BMW owner collected oil samples at consistent mileage intervals of 1,000 miles and at each oil change, which were then forwarded for analysis. The laboratories determined that the oil began to degrade at the 6k mile mark and significantly degraded, resulting in little protection to engine intervals at 10k miles. The motor oil in question was LL04.

Please proceed, individuals. What are you contemplating?

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I use 5w30 until the mileage is high, in which case it changes to 5w40.
Although not officially included in the BMW LL04, the 5w30 engine was previously included. Since my engine has not been replaced, I do not see any problems.

Oil threads are inherently controversial and I anticipate a multitude of divergent perspectives.

I would want to make a little correction to your previous article. The engine in question is N57, not M57.

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Although I have a 2005 E46 320CD SE, I am not too concerned about warranty and BMW's claims. However, for a newer vehicle like yours, I would ensure that the 'From new' life is verified and stamped, as mine was by its original owner. If necessary, I would seek assistance from reliable or independent BMW experts. Currently, I am responsible for the majority of the tasks, but at the age of 64, I now delegate the more challenging ones to a nearby garage. For instance, when I recently went to replace the flexi on the exhaust, they opted to welded it instead and imposed a fee of £80. There have been no problems since then.

Regarding oil, I replace the oil and filter every year (after 7-10k miles), and replace the air/cabin filter every two years or when it becomes unclean. Additionally, I maintain the ccv. However, I have seen no disparity in the efficacy of synthetic oils. Therefore, I choose to purchase the same kind of oil that I have previously used, even if it is inexpensive, even if I will not be using it for an extended period.

The most recent engine oil I purchased was a 20-liter tin of 5w-30 from Smith and Allen. I have used it once and there is still plenty oil remaining for many years. There has been a prolonged absence of Petronas on the market, as observed. Upon purchase, the item was identified as LL04. There is no justification for alteration.

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