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The Vito W447 2017 model has two front seats that can accommodate up to three people.


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Hello, I am considering buying a 2017 Vito w447. It suits my needs well, however I would want to modify it from a 2-seater to a 3-seater if I decide to get it.
I am curious about the level of difficulty and potential additional expenses associated with this task, particularly considering the requirement for base replacement.
After perusing many forums, I have seen that several individuals express a preference for converting the front seating arrangement from three seats to two seats. In the event that anybody is now engaged in such a modification, I would be open to the possibility of exchanging seats.
I appreciate any assistance and guidance that anybody may provide me.


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Your intended course of action is well recorded on this site. I have been a passive observer on this platform for a significant period of time. In my Vito (w639), the bench and driver's seat are supported by a brace that is positioned between the B pillars. The seats you own, on the other hand, are mounted on separate bases.

In a few weeks, I want to switch to a dual configuration in the front. However, I am uncertain about its compatibility with the W447.


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I appreciate your assistance.
I am beginning to speculate if the vehicle once had a bench passenger seat, given the presence of a brace extending from the 'B' pillars and a little yellow cable falling down beneath, which seems to be unattached. It is possible that these features are part of the normal configuration.
There is a base located underneath the single passenger seat, as well as a base that is half the width of the single passenger seat positioned between it and the driver's seat.
may the passenger seat be removed so that the bench seat may be securely attached to the base and positioned next to a narrower dashboard in the centre?

Thank you one again.

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It is important to note that while removing the double bench front passenger seat, the battery should be detached and not connected with the seat sensor unplugged.
Connecting the battery while the sensor is disconnected will trigger the SRS warning light on the dashboard. Regrettably, it seems that you are unable to resetting that particular issue using your standard code reader. I was required to remunerate an MB indy' a sum of £30 just for the purpose of connecting their system and resetting the SRS warning signal subsequent to the removal of my front passenger seat for cleaning purposes.

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The configuration you described bears a striking resemblance to mine; maybe all you want is a bench seat. What a remarkable occurrence it would be.

Displayed below is an image of the double seat brace mentioned in a previous post, which has been recognised by a forum member with expertise in the subject matter.

The yellow cable hanging loosely is likely intended for the sensor in the double seat. It is possible that a resistor is included at the end of the line to prevent the SRS light from being activated.

If you want a bench seat, kindly inform me. I own a 2011 model with grey fabric trim that exhibits little signs of wear. I had planned to pursue the GLA seat change, but I am also intrigued by the possibility of acquiring your passenger seat if it is available for sale.

If there are no concerns, there is no need to worry.

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That suggestion is really insightful. The photo of StMarks and Kamikazi has provided valuable assistance, since it seems that a bench seat would be a suitable match.
I appreciate the offer. Unfortunately, I cannot accept your suggestion since I have already purchased a bench seat from a dismantler that is compatible with the Tunga.
Upon its arrival, I will have one vacant seat at your disposal, should you be interested. I will upload an image of it.
I have included a photograph of the centre section to see if the bench seat would be compatible with it.

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The central section of your item differs from mine as it lacks the indentation resembling cups. In contrast, mine is flat. Once the replacement bench arrives, you will be able to determine whether it is compatible.

I am intrigued by your seat, however it seems to be a distinct trim from the one I already own. Could you kindly inform me of your location in Scotland?

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Could someone provide a detailed explanation of the requirements for converting the double to single swivel on the passenger side of my 2020 114 Vito?
I believe I have located all the necessary components from eBay and Jennings seats. However, I would be appreciate it if someone could verify or provide guidance.

-Looking for a single passenger chair, preferably a Tunga model, on ebay.
- eBay offers a base for a single passenger. - Jennings provides a fasp swivel base.

Where may I potentially get accommodation?

I am concerned about the electrical components since I lack sufficient knowledge and expertise in this area.

Apologies for bringing up this topic again, but there is valuable advise available on this platform.

Assistance would be much appreciated.

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