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Seeking guidance on essential inspection points when collecting a vehicle from a dealership prior to purchase.


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Greetings, everybody!

Apologies for the lengthy message filled with inquiries, but I am quite enthusiastic about acquiring a previously used 2017 Insignia this weekend. Specifically, it is the upgraded diesel Vx Nav 2.0 170bhp model.

The car's odometer displays a mileage of 75,000 kilometres. The appearance of the vehicle is stunning and it has been well maintained both within and outside. Additionally, it comes with a complete record of regular servicing performed annually.

I have extensively searched the site to determine the necessary precautions to take while acquiring it, and I have collected some information from the aforementioned post. However, apart from the inquiries made by johnd, are there any further aspects that I should consider examining?

I have seen several discussions pertaining to the OPUS. Does it have any impact on this particular model?
Lastly, but not least, I was indecisive about the automobile due to its inclusion of 20" alloys... Although the wheels and the vehicle they are on seem quite impressive, I will be extremely anxious about accidentally striking the curb and damaging them.

Is it advisable for me to make the decision to pay an additional £600 in order to get a set of four tyres with the specifications of 255/35/20? (If you want to mount them, do you have any recommendations for a certain brand or model?)

Thank you for any guidance or recommendations!

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Several individuals present are willing to provide their own viewpoint.

The criteria I sought were as follows: - Conduct a visual inspection of the service booklet to assess the adequacy of the performed services.
- Inspect the lower part of the vehicle for any corrosion-related problems
- Brake disc and pad thickness and tyre wear should be checked. - Most dealerships provide a one-month guarantee term. I scheduled an appointment at a nearby automotive repair shop and thoroughly inspected the automobile for any defects.

If you discover any flaws, use them as a negotiating tool.

With respect to the alloys, they may exhibit a consistency similar to that of butter on some occasions. I continue to exercise caution and go at a deliberate speed while parallel parking or navigating narrow areas.
The minimum cost for repairing a 20-inch diamond-cut alloy wheel is £100 per wheel. However, those alloys enhance the car's aesthetic appeal. To be honest.
I own a set of Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 tyres, which have a slightly protruding sidewall. However, they are susceptible to damage from potholes and curbs.

May this information be of use and I wish you the utmost success with your new automobile.


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Initially, the 170 does not have any issues with the OPUS system. However, we have seen a recurring problem related to the P06D code, specifically with the suction pipe seal.
However, there is still uncertainty about that matter.However, it is important to be mindful of this.
According to John, the service history records provide further evidence to support the stamps recorded in the book.
Ensure that all electrical equipment functions as expected. If the vehicle is equipped with a satellite navigation system, do not anticipate it to have extensive functionality.
Ensure that there are no faults shown on the dashboard for the parking sensors, if equipped.
The mileage of the automobile is unknown, however, whether the cambelt, auxiliary belt, roller guides, and tensioners have been replaced.
Additionally, there is a diminutive chain connecting the camshafts that does not need maintenance.However, these are beginning to deteriorate, resulting in significant and unforeseen issues.
However, it is important to note that, like any automotive forum, the majority of participants join seeking assistance with problems, which tends to result in a predominance of bad experiences being shared. It is worth mentioning that these vehicles are equipped with Euro 6 engines, which need the usage of ADBLUE. Therefore, it is crucial to regularly refill the ADBLUE tank.
Alloys and curbs will never have a romantic relationship.The higher the sidewall, the more advantageous it is.
The choice of tyre brand is often a matter of personal preference, however many people tend to like popular brands like Landsales.
I have purchased the Goodyear asemretic 6 tyres and I am dissatisfied with their performance.
Additionally, I have a recurring issue with damaging the front tyre on the driver's side. I believe I am now on my second replacement within a span of less than a year.
If you are determined to get it, you will ultimately purchase it.
We do not possess clairvoyant abilities, hence neither we nor you can predict future events.
Keep in mind that it is a pre-owned vehicle, so anticipate signs of wear and tear due to its age.

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They are not suitable for winter conditions.Even in Los Angeles, where the weather is consistently warm.The compound is very difficult.Prior to proceeding, it is necessary to first warm them up.Subsequently, they begin to exhibit the characteristics of a well-functioning tyre. Until that time, they remain uncertain or unpredictable.
They perform very well at higher temperatures.
It demonstrates the constraints of using these tyres over the whole year.

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I understand. I feel the same way. I am in close proximity to London and the temperature drops to uncomfortably low levels only on a few occasions during the year. There are few opportunities to purchase high-quality winter or all-season tyres on really cold days, unless I come into a large sum of money, such as winning the lottery.

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