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Is the service plan for the 2018 Mercedes CLA45AMG worth the cost?


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Greetings, everybody.

I am now the proud owner of a brand new AMG vehicle! May I get guidance from those who possess a more comprehensive understanding of the Service Schedule?

I now own a 2018 CLA45, which has had a total of four servicing sessions so far. Two A's and two B's. The fifth payment is now overdue.

In the third instance, they performed the task of replacing the gearbox oil and filter, which is commendable. In the fourth instance, they replaced the spark plugs, which is once again commendable.

The estimated cost for a Service and MOT is around £672 per year. Regardless of whether I choose to have 2, 3, or 4 services during a 12-month payment period, or choose for a 36 or 48-month plan, the cost per service/MOT always remains at £672.

The next Service A has been quoted to me at a price of £370.

Could someone provide guidance on the next significant events and the potential value of the service plan?

The cost of £672 per year still seems to be pretty high, therefore I am attempting to ascertain if it would be more cost-effective to pursue the components individually.

I am inclined to do the subsequent Service A independently and then initiate the Service Plan in order to get a sequence of B, A, B. However, once again, it is necessary to ascertain if £672 represents fair value.

At last, there is a nearby shop that has been certified by Mercedes to retain the service history of my MB vehicle. Should they be taken into consideration? I will contact tomorrow to get a quotation.

The only alternative I am contemplating is whether to pursue an independent course of action, with the intention of retaining it for a duration of 7 to 10 years. Nevertheless, I have been informed that they would provide coverage for large products in the event of an unforeseen failure, which may make it worthwhile.

Thank you.

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Does the automobile have a warranty?

Frankly, for a vehicle that is 5 years old, I would recommend seeking the services of a Mercedes-Benz expert. You would get superior service and pay just half the price. Set up the money for the purchase of the extended warranty.

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You must possess exceptional fortune, because I have never seen any independent sellers in my vicinity that provide their products for a price that is just half of what the dealers charge. The cost of a "A" service for my SL is £190 at indy1, £210 at indy2, and £240 at the dealer, which also includes mobilo for another year.

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I reached out to my nearby Mercedes authorised independent service provider, who has the capability to update the digital service records.

The cost for an A + Pollen Filter is £220, however the exact number of filters is uncertain. I am rather satisfied with that in comparison to Mercedes' £370.

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