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One-month ownership review


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Here are my opinions on the Insignia, which I have had for about a month and have driven approximately 1000 miles with. The model is a 2013 1.8 SRi. I will be candid.

Positive aspects - notably attractive vehicle. I own a pre-facelift model from 2013, and I like the old style from 2008/2009. In my view, deeper colours are the best choice. The interior is aesthetically pleasing and fashionable.

The interior has a highly refined design and very comfy seats. The ride of this automobile is ergonomically flawless, providing a smooth and elegant experience. I am perplexed by the motoring newspaper reports that claim the ride of this car is unpleasant. I own the SRi model with enhanced suspension, which I feel to be firmer. Many others have remarked that despite this, the vehicle remains smooth and sophisticated, providing a comfortable ride for passengers. The claimed visibility is not as poor as they assert.

The driving experience of the 1.8 petrol engine is little lacking in power, but, it achieves an average fuel efficiency of 35-40 mpg, which is commendable for a petrol engine. The car also has exceptional handling capabilities, particularly in abrupt turns. I have had a Skoda Octavia from the early 2000s and a Ford Mondeo from about the same period. The Insignia outperforms all of them in terms of driving experience.

Practicality - the vehicle offers enough capacity and the boot area is also commendable, with no concerns.

Negative aspect - The gearbox is the most unsatisfactory one I have ever encountered. We are all familiar with the M32 tale on this platform. Excessively untrustworthy. The shifting process is not consistently seamless, regardless of the driver's skill level.

Aside from the gearbox, I have developed a strong affection for this automobile. I have come across this automobile for many years, but never anticipated that I would own one. However, I now own one, and overall, it is rather satisfactory.

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Providing an update to this evaluation after driving the vehicle for an additional 1000 miles and having had it for a longer period of time. Therefore, I am more qualified to provide a remark. In general, my previous remarks remain valid. Despite its inherent faults, the gearbox demonstrates a commendable level of smoothness once one becomes used to its operation. In fact, the shift quality surpasses that of the majority of vehicles I have previously driven. The majority of automobiles exhibit either excessive looseness or excessive tightness, however this particular car has an optimal balance. The clutch has a well-balanced weight, neither too rigid nor too light.

However, I cannot suggest the 1.8 petrol engine. The electricity is insufficient. I have yet to experiment with the premium gasoline, but, I would be astonished if there were any significant disparities in performance. Regarding fuel efficiency, achieving 40 miles per gallon (mpg) is attainable during continuous highway driving. However, in practical driving situations, the majority of individuals may expect to get a maximum of 34 to 36 mpg. Thus, the outcome is unsatisfactory. The tax is rather little, amounting to around £300 annually.

I still like the appearance of the vehicle in a dark blue colour, complemented with 18-inch alloy wheels. The SRi trim is highly recommended.

The steering is not too aided; rather, it seems perfectly balanced to me. If I am being very discerning, the turning radius is subpar.

The brakes possess considerable strength.

The electric parking brake first posed a significant challenge, but I have now become used to it and no longer find it bothersome.

Functional vehicle with enough space.

The inside of the vehicle continues to wow me with its attractive design and high level of comfort. In fact, it is one of the most comfortable automobiles I have ever owned. I am still displeased with the criticism from the automotive press about the ride quality of my vehicle. Despite the use of firmer SRi springs, my vehicle still maintains a smooth ride. The insulation in this automobile is comparable to, or somewhat superior than, that of previous vehicles I have had. The standard sound system offers high-quality audio reproduction and allows for significant amplification without any audible distortion.

Overall, the automobile is excellent. Indeed, the experience has been so positive that I want another vehicle. Due to previous difficulties encountered with diesel engines, I have decided to steer clear of them. After careful consideration, I believe that a 2018 SRi 1.5 petrol vehicle, available in both automatic and manual gearbox, would be the most suitable option. Possibly during the next year or a similar timeframe.

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hird and last update to my evaluation after travelling an additional 1000 miles.

The aforementioned points remain valid. The Insignia is a commendable automobile. I get pleasure from operating it. The fuel efficiency and overall performance of the vehicle have significantly improved as a result of gaining a deeper understanding of the automobile and using a fuel system cleaner. However, I am not inclined to choose the 1.8 engine once again. An upgraded and more potent diesel or petrol variant would undeniably provide superior performance. However, I can tolerate using this automobile temporarily.

In my perspective, the SRi trim remains the best option. The automobile is well matched.

Overall, the automobile is commendable. However, it would have been ideal if Vauxhall (or Opel or GM, whomever was responsible for the choices) had equipped this vehicle with an improved gearbox including larger and superior bearings, as well as a more robust cooling system that is free from any leakage.

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The Vectra C 1800 exhibited insufficient power, although Vauxhall made the decision to use nearly the same engine for the somewhat weightier Insignia.
The engine is very reliable and has little issues with the variable valve timing (VVT) power system. However, it lacks the performance capabilities to excel in racing competitions.

Furthermore, as you said, the gearbox.

I is unable to comprehend the rationale behind the decision to install the M32 gearbox instead of the F17 gearbox, which was more durable, in the Vectra C.

Who is responsible for making these decisions?

I will continue to use my unclean vehicle.

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I completely concur, my friend. The Insignia is a very respectable automobile. In the past, I had a Vectra, namely a diesel variant, but it has been some years since I last had it. Acceptable automobile. The vehicle is a 1998 model with a 2.0 DTi engine. I decided to dispose of the vehicle since it had accumulated 160,000 km and the engine management light illuminated, among other issues. However, it served me well for many years.

I have a strong affection for the Insignia, but, the issue with the gearbox was completely unacceptable. Fortunately, I am relieved that the warranty fully covered the repair. However, during my more than two decades of driving experience, I had never had any issues with the gearbox of any automobile. There was no clutch at all. Furthermore, the majority of the automobiles I had were purchased when they were almost brand new and I drove them for well over 100,000 miles.

I am just hoping that the Insignia will provide me with a few years of trouble-free driving. Realistically, I anticipate the occurrence of wear and tear on my 10-year-old automobile with 115,000 miles. However, I have taken care of almost all necessary maintenance tasks, such as replacing the timing belt, refurbishing the gearbox, doing regular oil changes, flushing the coolant, and repairing any weak areas. Additionally, I have replaced the complete braking system and exhaust system. The bodywork is in excellent condition considering its age, with no signs of corrosion. The inside is in excellent condition. Considering all factors, I managed to get a favourable bargain on a reasonably priced pre-owned vehicle. Consequently, I am willing to accept the underwhelming performance and efficiency, as I economised in other areas.

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The Insignia is an exceptional automobile.
I have had mine for about 6 years and I still have a strong affection for it, continuously engaging in activities to enhance its functionality.

However, we have a few older Vauxhalls that need a significant amount of effort and attention.
much more straightforward to work on

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Indeed, I have always harboured a fondness for Vauxhalls. In my earlier years, I was a devoted admirer of Ford vehicles. I had many Mondeos, which I found to be very enjoyable to drive and quite free of mechanical issues.

Although I have never had a Cavalier, it may surprise you to know that one of my first vehicles was a 1993 Carlton 2.0, which I rather enjoyed. Dependable and soothing to operate. Despite receiving criticism from my friends who referred to it as a "old man's car," I remained indifferent. While they preferred Fiesta's, Nova's, and hot hatches, I personally never found them appealing. I have always desired to own a Senator 24v or Lotus Carlton, but unfortunately, I have not yet had the opportunity to get any of them. It's very amusing, really.

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I've always been into vauxhalls.
The first vehicle I had was a Magnum 2300.
I have had several models of cars, including vivas, chevettes, vx2300s, 5-speed VX490s, mk1 Carltons, mk3 Carltons, a Carlton GSI, Vectra B's, Vectra C's, and now, the Insignia.
Currently, we own the following vehicles: the insignia, a 1995 calibra 2.5 V6, a 1999 vectra b gsi, a 1994 astra 1.4 merit, a 1993 cavalier colorado 1.8, a 2009 astra vxr, a 2008 vectra c xp1, and a Ford transit custom.

It is consistently a bustling period at this location.

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Regrettably, we lack the financial means to purchase a new automobile. Furthermore, I am disinclined to invest a significant amount of money into a new car due to the increasing difficulty in diagnosing and repairing them, unless accompanied by an exceptional guarantee or substantial funds.
As we are collectively purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, it is inevitable that some components may see wear and tear.
Indeed, although it may have been unexpected, the gearbox was successfully fixed. However, it is worth noting that in the case of new automobiles, repairs may not be as feasible.
It seems that hindsight may be somewhat foolish, since I am uncertain if you became a member before or after making the purchase. However, this topic has been extensively discussed on this platform.
In addition, the engine's inadequate performance is noticeable, although one becomes used to the power that the automobile provides.

While my automobile may not be exceptionally powerful or impressive, it is well-suited to my needs. In fact, I believe that modern car makers intentionally include a "self-destruct feature" that becomes more apparent as the car ages. As these automobiles age, they reach a point where repairing them is no longer cost-effective.
Within a span of 20 years, it is quite likely that these automobiles will become completely fragmented and non-functional, whereas older and classic cars will continue to be operational.
Earlier this year, I purchased a Renault Clio, which needed some repairs. However, it was straightforward to address the issues and fix them. I am unable to see the same qualities in these modern automobiles.
Essentially, if you properly maintain and provide resources for repairs, it will function effectively for you. Do not anticipate acquiring a new automobile for the price of a pre-owned vehicle.
May the insignia endure forever!

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I completely concur, my friend.

None of the new cars available appeal to me.
I have never been interested in large, luxurious, fuel-inefficient supercars. I have always purchased used automobiles, mostly due to the same reason you said before - I have never been in a position to afford a brand new one. Indeed, I might potentially get a brand new automobile and incur a significant debt for a duration of around 5 years. However, such a decision would need making certain sacrifices in many aspects of my life. However, we were never equipped or ready to do that task.
The pre-owned vehicle of excellent quality that we consistently purchased was consistently cared for and well maintained. Our Vectra C provided us with 7.5 years of trouble-free driving, and our Insignia has given us about 6 years of the same.

The manner in which they are cared for and handled, as you said, is significant.

However, I will always prefer the older automobile.

If anybody is aware of an excellent Mk1 Vauxhall Carlton, please inform me. We are now encountering significant difficulties in our search.

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