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Guidance on Filing a Complaint with Mercedes


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The vehicle was duly procured and acquired in Stratstone Bradford on the 10th of August, 2023. The vehicle was retrieved on August 22, 2023, and I was only given a single key, which corresponded to a 69 plate. While I was driving home, the engine oil lamp illuminated. I immediately reached out to the seller, who informed me that they will consult with the service team on Monday. Subsequently, on the same day, I encountered an additional problem: the driver side window switch is non-functional and damaged, rendering me unable to open any windows since acquiring the vehicle. On August 24, 2023, I got a response instructing me to consult a local garage. However, they were uncertain if the two concerns would be covered under warranty. I find it perplexing that Mercedes does not have a consistent warranty policy across all stores. In my response to the seller, I requested an update on the key. They had previously informed me that they may provide me a second key. However, they advised me to wait for the v5 and acquire a new key instead. It is evident that they have misplaced the key and have no intention of giving a replacement in the future. Based on this, it seems that the seller's primary concern was selling the automobile and they showed little regard for the post-sales experience.

On August 9th, 2023, I scheduled an appointment with Stockport Mercedes to have the engine oil inspected and the window switch repaired. The repair for the window switch was provided at no cost, however, the engine oil problem was not resolved and I was required to pay £110 for the diagnostic services. The vendor from whom I purchased the automobile has agreed to provide a refund after I filed a complaint over the car's defects. Subsequently, my automobile was stored in the garage for a duration of 5 days due to the inability to conduct a test drive on the vehicle for the warning light issue. Moreover, I was not provided with a substitute car, which resulted in my inability to get to work, causing significant difficulty. On the following day, after retrieving the vehicle, the engine light reappeared. Consequently, I had to schedule another appointment with Stockport Mercedes to have it examined once again. I was informed that they extracted more oil and assured me that the issue should be resolved. The engine oil light illuminated for the third instance, prompting me to return the car. I endured a wait of more than an hour, during which I was informed that they would provide me with a courtesy vehicle while they conduct an investigation into the matter. Fortunately, I have retrieved my vehicle and the problem has not recurred. However, this issue prevented me from commuting to work on that particular day, which was the primary purpose of seeking the repair. It is evident that the information provided to me by the service provider did not prove accurate.

On August 10, 2023, I finally get my v5 document after persistently contacting the vendor. I have made a reservation with Whitefield Mercedes and have sent the invoice to the vendor in order to get a reimbursement. I was informed that I had sent an email to the incorrect department many days later. I re-sent the invoice to the appropriate department by email on the subsequent occasion, and the payment was not completed until one week later.
On 29/10/2023, I discovered a malfunction with the headlights not activating while unlocking the vehicle. I promptly scheduled an appointment with Bolton Mercedes on 7th November. Despite providing video evidence of the problem, I was informed that no fault was detected. On October 11th, 2023, a defect was discovered once again, prompting me to contact Bolton Mercedes for another appointment. They have graciously offered me a temporary vehicle while they resolve the problem. I was informed that the problem remained unresolved, however, the light subsequently resumed functioning.

On 15/12/2023, a malfunction was discovered with the headlight failing to activate correctly during nighttime driving. The windscreen wipers are experiencing juddering and there is a decrease in the pressure of the windscreen washer fluid. A service appointment was scheduled with Mercedes Warrington. The headlight issue has been resolved, but, the judder wipers and screen wash problem will not be addressed since they are not covered by the warranty. I have previously elucidated that the wipers manufactured by Mercedes malfunctioned a mere month after acquiring the vehicle, and regrettably, I was unable to get a replacement owing to the imposed lockdown restrictions. Despite my explanation that two sets of replacement wipers have been installed and the problem remains unresolved, they are unable to provide a reason for the juddering of my wipers. They said that the screen wash was obstructed and informed me that it was not authentic screenwash, of which I was unaware. I fail to get the correlation between a clogged screen wash pipe and wiper judder. The response I received was that the issue is interconnected, therefore necessitating the replacement of the wipers. I was dissatisfied with this answer since it should not occur on a recently purchased vehicle, especially one that has been driven for less than 3,000 miles in a span of 6 months.
In summary, during the course of the last 6 months of automobile ownership, I have encountered a total of 8 problems:

Postpone obtaining a V5
Postpone acquiring a replacement key
Issue with engine oil when driving Malfunctioning window switch
The occurrence of wiper judder compelled me to purchase two new sets of wipers.
Loss of pressure in the screen wash system
Malfunctioning headlights Headlights and surrounding lights fail to illuminate upon unlocking

I have had to bring the car back to the garage on seven occasions within a span of less than six months after I acquired it. The automobile has shown an excessive number of defects, leading me to doubt the reliability and quality of Mercedes vehicles.
I have filed a complaint directly with MB UK and am now awaiting their response. However, they have indicated that because I opted for a third-party solution, I had the potential to get a fresh set of Mercedes wipers. Consequently, the outcome of this situation remains uncertain.
Could you provide guidance on my complaint and its validity given the many challenges and inconveniences?

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Wouldn't it have been more prudent to return it to the first vendor rather than visiting every other Mercedes-Benz dealership in the vicinity?
I see a minimum of 4 dealers inside this chain, making it difficult to monitor and track each individual's actions.

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While I understand your gratitude, it is important to empathise with the perspective of the dealers. Considering that you did not purchase the item from them, but want them to address the issue and then take it to another establishment, it may create a complex situation.
If you purchased a Samsung television from PC World and then attempted to have it repaired at Argos and John Lewis, would you anticipate receiving satisfactory service from Samsung?

The dealers serve as intermediaries, facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers, rather than directly engaging with the Mercedes company.

While acknowledging the necessity for warranty repairs on the automobile, I believe that your approach has been misguided. If my car, registered in 1969, shown an oil warning light on the inaugural trip home, I would not have taken it home.

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I see your point, and I believe I should have returned it to its original place of acquisition. However, when I contacted the individual to return the item, he just instructed me to take it to a local garage (with supporting email documentation) where it would be repaired. Based on the impression I got from him, I believed that they would rectify the issue under warranty, despite it being in a different location. I believe there are several problems with the automobile at now, to the extent that I no longer have a sense of satisfaction when driving it.

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When dealing with a retail goods, your first contact should be the store.

An Approved Used automobile is often supplied with the guarantee that the AU warranty is provided by the manufacturer and that you have the backing of the whole official dealer network.

Although the OP's use of several dealers does not contribute to their argument, the main purpose of the MB AU plan is to allow customers to purchase a vehicle in Truro and get servicing in Inverness.

Indeed, with reflection, some individuals may choose to decline accepting a vehicle if they see a warning light upon its collection. However, this approach is not universally adopted, particularly among those who are encountering such a circumstance for the first time.

Regarding the automobile, the original poster (OP) must determine what is acceptable and what is not. Wiper judder is an irritating occurrence that is likely to divert one's attention. The issues that have been rectified are now completely fixed, and they may also be seen as a diversion. However, the malfunctioning of lighting and electrical components is a matter that requires prompt care throughout the warranty term. If there is an unresolved underlying problem, it should be calmly raised first with the individual dealer and then with the manufacturer, MB. In the case of a potential misunderstanding, both the dealer and MB should be capable of providing a clear explanation.

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I have acquired knowledge via errors and have experienced many situations.
An effective approach to obtain desired outcomes is to promptly return the product, park it conspicuously in the centre of the sales area with all entrances exposed, approach the salesperson, and assertively express dissatisfaction by stating something to the effect of... "You have sold me a defective product. Either rectify the issue immediately or I will persistently vocalise my grievances throughout the day, highlighting how you have deceived me." This method tends to yield favourable results.
Once upon a time, I had a Mercedes A class car. However, I am perplexed as to how I found myself returning to the Mercedes brand again.

Revised to include...
I completely empathise with the original poster. I would expect a pre-owned Mercedes to be in impeccable condition, with any concerns promptly addressed and fixed without any complications.
It is just the perception that the Mercedes brand creates, but regrettably, we are seeing an excessive number of such messages.

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I have lodged a complaint with MB UK and am now awaiting their response after their consultation with the dealers. I am concerned that they may not take any action, and as a result, I will have to reschedule my vehicle appointment to have the wipers and screen washer pressure repaired. These are the remaining concerns that need to be addressed, and I will have to bear the cost myself. This situation diminishes my desire to own the automobile. It seems that their primary concern is just focused on financial gain.

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It seems that you, like many others, have encountered a situation where there is a discrepancy between the selling dealer and the warranties provided by Mercedes-Benz, namely the New Car Warranty and the MB Approved Used Warranty.

The purchase of a car from Stratstone Bradford is distinct from the MB warranty. The MB warranty does not extend to defects that should have been identified and resolved by the selling dealer prior to delivering the vehicle to you. The selling dealer may request that you bring the automobile to a nearby dealer, who will be compensated by the selling dealer for repairing the defects that should have been addressed before the sale but were not. However, in such cases, it is important to note that this does not qualify as a warranty repair under the MB guarantee. It is only the merchant doing their duty as required by the Consumer Protection Act.

Regarding your situation, it is important to note that both the broken door handle and the oil warning light were indeed present at the time of purchase. Consequently, both problems fall within the responsibility of the selling dealer and are not covered by the MB guarantee.

The primary concern is that the local dealer considers the selling dealer as their customer, not you. Consequently, the local dealer will only act upon the instructions of the selling dealer, as they are the ones responsible for payment. They will not bear any additional expenses resulting from your unsatisfactory purchasing experience with the selling dealer, such as lost work days or transportation costs.

Regrettably, a prevalent grievance on the forum is the frequent occurrence of inadequately prepared vehicles that were expected to undergo a comprehensive inspection as part of the 'Mercedes-Benz Approved Used' programme. It can be inferred that the selling dealer finds it more cost-effective to wait for the customer to complain and then pay for the repairs, rather than conducting pre-sale inspections as they should. This is evident from their failure to order the spare key in advance, which should have been done before the car was even put up for sale.

At this juncture, considering that you have had the automobile for a duration of 6 months, I suggest persisting in rectifying the flaws. You may consider composing a letter sent to the dealer main, outlining the expenses you have accrued in order to fix defects that should have been identified prior to the delivery of the product. Subsequently, you may inquire if they are amenable to providing any kind of compensation. If they are willing to negotiate, then offering a complimentary MB Service Plan or extending the MB warranty for an extra year (year 4) might be seen as a favourable outcome.

Alternatively, you may choose to lodge a complaint with MB UK, specifically addressing the CEO at the Milton Keynes headquarters. Another option is to file a complaint with the Ombudsman. However, if the only remaining problem is the engine oil warning light, I would recommend just having it repaired and moving on from this unpleasant incident.

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Three-year-old automobiles may have reliability problems. Although I cannot afford to purchase one, I prefer to acquire a car that has been well tested and shown to be reliable. Consider returning the item to the original seller and exchanging it for another, as a humorous suggestion.

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