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Temporary loss of electricity to the dashboard?Please provide guidance on resetting the clock to zero after installing a new battery.


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Last Tuesday, I acquired a 2015 7 series vehicle and transported it from Lancashire to Devon.
It was not until I was almost home that I saw the clock was showing zero, despite having already set it and the date.
Suspecting a possible incorrect setup, I proceeded to reset it.
Furthermore, the clock automatically resets itself upon the deactivation of the ignition.
After doing an investigation into the potential reasons, I discovered a common underlying factor that strongly suggests the primary battery as the probable culprit for the problem.
After conversing with the auto dealer from whom I bought the vehicle, I made arrangements for a technician from the AA to inspect the battery today.
Prior to doing a diagnostic check, the first discovery was that the positive connection was not securely fastened to the post.
After tightening it, he performed a Diagnostic check that revealed many issues in the battery, indicating the need for replacement.
He installed a brand new battery that was identical to the previous one and reprogrammed it using the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) system.
All functions operated correctly, thereby resulting in a state of contentment and satisfaction.
However, when I returned to the vehicle shortly thereafter, I discovered that the clock had once again reset to zero and the Air Fragrance attachment had also been deactivated, despite my previous setting of level three.
All other features, such as seat and radio memory, were functioning well.
I have made many attempts to reset the clock, nevertheless the outcome remains same.
I am feeling disheartened and considering the possibility of returning the automobile, given that I have had it for less than a week.

Prior to proceeding, I kindly need input from members who possess extensive expertise to identify any other factors that may be contributing to the problem and provide potential solutions for its resolution.

We appreciate your patience.

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I am contemplating this course of action, but my comprehension is that according to the Consumers Act, I am obligated to provide them with a chance to rectify the issue.

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Uncertain. I believed that it was possible to 'repudiate' the automobile within a brief period after the purchase, often within a week, although this provision may not be applicable to a pre-owned vehicle.

The Citizens Advice website will provide the necessary counsel.

Regardless, I recommend promptly informing the dealer of your intention to return the item and observing their response.

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This is my understanding of the consumer act.
In the case of a distance or online transaction when the automobile is delivered, there is a 14-day cooling off period during which the vehicle may be returned.
If the purchase was made face-to-face, then it is my belief that the dealer does possess the authority to rectify the defect initially.
However, it was not close to my location but very far away.

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I appreciate your responses.
Yesterday, I sent them an email in which I detailed all the defects and expressed my desire to return the automobile in exchange for a complete reimbursement.
Awaiting their response.

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I would want to provide you with an update.
Recently, I brought back the vehicle to the dealer and made a formal request for a reimbursement.
They refused, citing their intention to resolve the problem and asserting their right to attempt to do so.
Consequently, I abandoned the automobile while also providing a comprehensive list of further defects that I had identified.
I reached out to them today since I had not received any communication.
It seems that, unbeknownst to me, there is a second battery - Auxiliary, which supplies power to certain electrical components, and that battery had also malfunctioned. And was in the midst of getting replaced with a novel one.

However, after much deliberation, apprehension, and extensive travel by both vehicle and rail, including overnight stays. I submitted a refund claim in accordance with the provisions of the 2015 Consumer Act.
They have agreed to provide the refund, and I should expect to get it within the following 14 days, since it is their prerogative.
I have no objection to it, and it is worth noting that they have been really helpful.

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Mercedes no longer experience the same level of corrosion as they did in the past, which has always deterred me from purchasing them.
I have come across a few cars that I personally found appealing, but it is difficult for me to part ways with my two BMW vehicles.

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