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The air suspension system is non-functional after the replacement of the shock absorbers.


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Following the replacement of the rear shock absorbers, the functionality of the air suspension on both sides has ceased, resulting in a drooping rear end of the automobile.

The BMW I own is a 520d LCI 2014 F11 model.

This is the account of my actions:

    Positioned the jack under the rear jack points
    Detached the wheels

The air suspension was probably set to its maximum height, completely inflated. I was unable to elevate the lower control arm using a jack, therefore I proceeded to do the following steps:

    Detached both air hoses, the red one and the blue one.
    I perceived the sound of the air being released.
    Detached a connection
    Successfully installed the shock absorbers.
    Reinstalled the wheels
    Reestablished the connection of both air hoses
    Reestablished the connection of the connector

I had not yet removed the jack since I believed that I could assist in the inflation of the air springs via the air suspension system. This was ineffective. Lowered the automobile without using the jack. There is still no outcome or conclusion. Attempted to disconnect and reconnect the battery, but there was no change or improvement.

Compressor noise: Upon starting the automobile, I perceive the sound of the compressor, which lasts for around 15 seconds and manifests as a ticking sound. Subsequently, it ceases to tick. After that, it resumes ticking for a duration of 5 seconds before becoming quiet once again. Remains quiet.

Diagnostics: The BMW displays no faults. Verified with Bimmercode/Bimmerlink; no errors detected.

Relay: Verified the functionality of the 40 amp relay identified as number 182. The item is in excellent condition.

Has anybody experienced this previously? Is it permissible for me to use a vehicle in its current condition?

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When I replaced the bags on my previous f11, I followed the same procedure as you and removed the pipes to empty them.
Following the modification and adjustment of the vehicle, the suspension inflated to its regular level. It may be beneficial to use advanced diagnostic tools such as ISTA for a more thorough scan.

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Is it feasible to purchase ISTA from a retail outlet for self-installation, or is it necessary to visit a BMW dealership?

I will attempt to restore the automobile to its upright position. Begin by testing if the automobile will elevate the rear end in this manner.
I refrained from doing it due to concerns about potential detrimental effects on the air suspension system.

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So, if I understand correctly, you have not yet returned it to the ground?
My car's functionality was restored only when it was placed back on all four wheels.
To get ista, you have the option to download it from several web sources or buy an enet lead from Amazon.

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It must return to the earth.
The level sensor erroneously detects that the bags are entirely raised when the automobile is elevated, like in your current situation.

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Purchased ISTA software on a laptop along with many wires. The delivery is scheduled on Wednesday. Next, I possess:

    The version of ISTA-D is 4.26.
    The software version is ISTA-P V. 3.67.
    The version of BMW-ESYS is 3.25.
    The following tools are available for the INPA-BMW 2012 coding: Coding-Tool, NCS-Dummy, NCS-Expert, Tool-32, and Win-KFP.

Does anybody have information on reliable sources for high-quality tutorials or instructional materials? Numerous software programmes, as well as the laptop and wires.

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