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Could you please provide guidance on the chords for the cabriolet headlining?


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Greetings, everyone.

I am now in need of a certain car part for my 2004 CLK cabriolet, however I am facing difficulties in finding relevant information online or even identifying the exact part I want. On Friday, I lowered the roof, which was likely the first time in a considerable period. Upon reassembling the roof, I saw that the rear headlining had become distorted and was exposing the roof structure. Upon examination, it seems that these string/chord guides have either been unclipped or damaged. I had the astute notion to investigate the opposing aspect in order to ascertain the cause of the problem, only to discover that it too had undergone self-inflicted termination. Could someone provide me with the name of the specific component that I require? It seems that the parts department at my local dealership is either unresponsive or lacks the ability to accept phone calls.

Thank you.

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I recently engaged in a pleasant correspondence with the amiable Mercedes parts department by email.

Good morning, I am the owner of a 2004 CLK cabriolet and I am now searching for a certain component or parts that have proven to be unidentified by everybody I have consulted thus far. When the roof is down, there are chords or strings that secure the headlining in position. However, it seems like one of mine is damaged or a clip or fastening has been off. Can you assist with providing names and prices for these components?

The response he provided:


Aleksei Lissovski
Good morning. We do have that component available in our inventory. The price of the reconditioned item is 489.85, with an additional 7 for shipping. Please inform me if you need assistance.

Subsequently, I inquired:

Greetings, Aleksei.
Could you provide a visual representation of the part? Its price seems to be disproportionately high considering its resemblance to a simple string.
Thank you.

His response was as follows:

Hello. Apologies. We do not engage in the practice of creating or providing images. We lack the necessary time for it. Thank you

I am now anticipating a response to my previous inquiry.

Understood, there is no issue.
Could you provide me with a description or component number so that I may independently verify the proper item either online or by visiting my local dealer? Prior to making the purchase, I need to spend a total of £489.85.

Thank you.

My description was so accurate that he immediately recognised the role. However, I still have to wait.

Thank you.

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I have not retrieved my belongings from the storage facility yet, but I am hopeful that I will be able to do so this week now that the issue with the defender has been resolved. I will lower the roof in order to lubricate all the components, allowing me to inspect and search for any potential evidence.
Indeed, I am uncertain about how the dealer is aware of the specific value of the item, which amounts to 500 pounds.
I have found eBay to be excellent for finding parts for my vehicle. In particular, I needed to get a hinge for the roof cover. The official manufacturer, MB, was asking for a hefty sum of 400 pounds and could not provide a certain timeline for obtaining the part. However, I managed to find the same hinge on eBay for a mere 75 pounds, allowing me to successfully fix the roof.

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