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Specifications and 2-Year Report for the 2011 S350L BlueTec W221


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This information may be of interest to anyone contemplating the purchase of a facelift W221 S350L BlueTec, or for those who possess a general curiosity.

On October 1st, 2021, I purchased my S Class vehicle after selling a 2013 SL350 and generating a profit of £7,000. This profit is sufficient to cover the costs of repairs and maintenance for a period of time on the W221.

Below are the specifics of the vehicle and the recorded expenses incurred during a period of two years, up to September 30th, 2023.

To begin with, a few photographs





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On October 1st, 2021, I acquired this vehicle from Praters in Leighton Buzzard for a sum of £15,000.

The S350 Long Wheelbase Bluetec Diesel was registered on December 30, 2011, which is only 2 days beyond its registration as a 2012 model. The car is in the Designo Diamond White colour and has a Black Passion Leather inside. It has accumulated a total of 42,826 kilometres, with a current mileage of 60,529 km.
Two prior proprietors
The whole service history of the Mercedes Benz main dealer.
12-Month Warranty Factory Price: £15,000 or more Additional Features:
- Camera Reversal
The Front Seat Memory Package
- Comfortable Ventilated Front Seats
The roof is made of panoramic glass and has 20" AMG alloys with a 5-twin spoke design.
- Lighting in the surroundings - AMG Sports Package
- Package for Driving Assistance (with Distronic Plus)
The package includes the Harmon Kardon Front Seat Entertainment.
- Metallic paint in a diamond white color - Hard leather

I intended to retain possession of the FMBSH for an extended period and sought to sustain its functionality. Consequently, I procured a three-year Service Plan including Services B, A, and B, which proved to be quite advantageous owing to the inclusion of Transmission Service in the next service due.

The item exhibited exceptional condition and functioned according to its intended specifications. Initially, I removed the badges from the vehicle and replaced the radiator grille with a different design. However, after some time, I opted to restore the automobile to its former state. To do this, I purchased a new grille and reinstalled all the badges.

All of the components I have purchased are genuine MB parts, with the exception of the brake parts, which were Brembo and were likely installed at the time of purchase. The services were conducted at Mercedes Benz, Maidstone, while the repairs were carried out by Mertec, a Mercedes specialist located in Rainham, Kent. The following is a summary:

Service Plan (3 x Services: B/A/B) for Maintenance/Repair £1,800
Primary Battery: £158 Second Spring Links: £756
The cost of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S x 5 is £1,157, Nox Sensors x 2 is £0, and the Adblue Control Unit is £559.
The cost of lower arm bushes is £205, the PCV valve is £215, and the thrust arms are £537.
Air-operated pumps for suspension The cost of the O/S Wheel Speed Sensor is £461.
The cost of the Steering Angle Sensor Rod is £73.
Cost of Engine & Gearbox Mounts: £552
The total cost of Brembo Discs & Pads is £7,275.

Cosmetics: Cover Rails, sometimes known as fillers. £226
The cost of the front radiator grille is £508, the costs for smart repair (stone chip) are £150, wheels powder coating is £300, consumables (cleaning etc) are £250, and the total is £1,434.

Operating expenses: Diesel £2,018 Tax Duration: 2 Years £515 Insurance duration: 2 years £616 The sum is £4,149.

TOTALS Maintenance/Repair expenses: £7,275 Cosmetics expenses: £1,434 Running costs: £4,149

The whole sum amounts to £12,858.

The Nox sensors were provided and installed at no cost by MB Maidstone because to the failure of the previous sensors subsequent to the Diesel Software Update they executed. Initially, they intended to impose a fee on me for the repairs. However, due to the fact that the automobile had received annual servicing from a Mercedes Dealer from its inception, they ultimately consented to do the repairs without any additional cost. The removal of the AdBlue Control Unit was revealed during the software upgrade. It is evident that a "AdBlue Delete" had been executed previous to my acquisition of ownership. The vehicle would no longer begin its operation until a control unit was replaced, which was provided and installed by the dealership. The MB Dealer did not see the "missing" AdBlue Control Unit during the MOT test or during earlier servicing.

There could have been other expenses that I cannot recall, but I believe that this description is quite accurate. Please inform me if you believe I may have overlooked any details.

I anticipate that the next years will be less expensive compared to the previous two, since a significant number of components will not need replacement for an extended period of time (hoping for the best). Hence, this situation deviates from the conventional "cost of ownership" pattern seen within a two-year timeframe. Potential future expenses may include the acquisition of an AdBlue tank, Airmatic Suspension Struts, Distronic Plus Radar Sensors, and several other electrical components. Currently, we are optimistic.

Please feel welcome to provide comments or pose any inquiries.


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Allocating almost 50% of the car's worth towards repairs and maintenance during a span of less than two years seemed excessive to me. Unless it was sufficiently inexpensive, it may lead me to believe that I had purchased the incorrect item.

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Although the cost seems to be high, your breakdown is rather biassed: under the Maintenance/repair category, if you exclude the tyres, brakes (which are consumables), and the Adblue unit (which is not the car's problem), the total amount is £4950. Which option is more rational?

However, it is evident that the funds have already been used.

Ultimately, considering the money you paid and the changes you have made, you have acquired a very desirable vehicle.

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This is one of my favourite S courses, and you demonstrate exceptional care for it. I have a strong affinity for the Diamond white hue.

Things may accumulate rapidly. I have not conducted a comprehensive computation about the total expenditure incurred for both of my S courses; nonetheless, I possess a preliminary understanding. Suppose I had the option to own an other luxurious vehicle, but I am not expressing dissatisfaction, since it is well acknowledged that these automobiles are costly to maintain.

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I adore your S63AMG! It is very remarkable, and I am aware that you have invested a significant amount of money on it, comparable to what I have invested in my S350.

I am now retired and I am seeking a fairly priced S Class vehicle to enjoy and take care of.

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Thank you!

There is no such thing as an inexpensive S class, AMG, or AMG pack. Although they may still be rather expensive, as you said, they are now more cost-effective.

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The report is quite intriguing, commendable. I own a 2017 W222 S350D, and it is causing me to contemplate the potential future that lies ahead.

How much of the expenses were allocated towards enhancing the property to meet our highest standards from the beginning of your ownership, as opposed to tasks that were required at a later stage?

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Upon purchase, I have prior knowledge that the battery, lower arm bushes, brakes, and tyres would need replacement within a span of one to two years. Subsequently, more components that were uncovered included the compressor pump, engine mounts, thrust arms, speed sensor, spring links, and PCV valve. The absence of the airmatic pump was unexpected, as it was only revealed after I underwent the official update. It became evident that the adblue had been removed prior to my purchase.

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Excellent. In my perspective, that is extremely cost-effective.

Over the last two years, I have accumulated over 4,000 units of gasoline in my everyday E320 vehicle, in addition to several other components.

If you were to fully engage in do-it-yourself (DIY), it is quite likely that the obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) would intensify and the cost would not have decreased.

Presently, I own two E class (S211) vehicles equipped with the older 320 type of the V6 diesel engine, and I have developed a strong affinity for this particular engine. One may argue that it is the most superior contemporary diesel available, provided that it is driven across its whole range as intended.

I am eager to get a mid-range, affordable, and practical 2011/2012 long S or CLS Estate equipped with a 350 diesel engine.

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