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1992 Mercedes-Benz W124 230e with automatic gearbox


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The automobile has been owned for about 4 months. Travelled around 1200 miles since then. Unaware of the service history. It has accumulated 67,000 miles and has been validated.
Travelled 20 kilometres without any issues with the automobile.
My daughter and her two children climbed in; I had never had passengers before.
The car starts easily, but the ABS indicator remains on.
After driving away, I stopped at an intersection and saw the engine idling at about 1000rpm, although it usually idles around 500rpm.
Shift the gear into neutral, causing the engine revolutions to increase to 3000.
After dropping off my family, I had a tense trip back home.
The next day, it does not start. Related the narrative to the breakdown specialist. He removed the air filter and saw that the throttle flap was not closing. He closed it, and the vehicle began. He applied a significant amount of WD40 into the throttle body, but the engine's rpm would not go below 3000.
On the next day, I inspected the throttle body and found that it was closed, nevertheless the vehicle still would not start. Is the throttle flap fully mechanical?
I have conducted research online.
I suspect that the relay responsible for controlling the fuel pump is malfunctioning. Unconventional relay! Internal circuit board. It seems to regulate several functions, including air conditioning. If it malfunctions, it might impact the idling.
The activation of the ABS light coinciding with the idle and starting issue struck me as peculiar.
This is my question.
The gasoline pump is located underneath the vehicle, in close proximity to the back axle. Will I hear this running if the ignition is switched on?
If I activate the ignition, should I be able to audibly perceive the relay contacts opening and closing? If it functions similarly to an ordinary inexpensive relay.

Would anybody want to discuss my opinions on the relay?

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Wait, the flap is only activated by hoover, so avoid pushing and pulling it.You do not need to touch the throttle plate.The fuel pump in your automobile only operates for a few seconds.

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Thank you for your reply.

Would I, or someone in close proximity to the gasoline pump, be able to hear it priming?
Would the system activate when the ignition is switched on, before starting the engine?

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It might be a blown fuse or loose connections within the device.

I believe there are more affordable aftermarket options available, but I have not personally tested them.

The item should be located below the plastic cover, behind the battery, near the bulkhead. The item is made of aluminium with a silver finish and has a transparent plastic top. The object is about one cubic inch in size and 2-3 inches in height.

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Just opened the hood to have a peek. Passenger side battery. Black plastic cover is located behind it.
The heater pipe located near the battery and cover is somewhat moist. There are two jubilee clips and some green discoloration present. Perhaps it is experiencing water loss, causing this region to become warm and moist. Refusing to assist with a relay πŸ™„
I often worry and get anxious in circumstances like these. As I am.

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OVP is a dual integrated.

Eighty-nine million seven hundred twenty-three thousand six
Manufactured in Hungary
Removed the black plastic from beneath the battery. Located the relay and removed it from its holder. Accessing the battery via the female connector proved challenging without removing it.
Reposition it temporarily.
Tomorrow, I will remove the batteries and worry about misplacing the Kenwood radio, since I do not have the code for it.
Maybe I should get a relay, but not a Mercedes one since it could be costly, to take a chance that the issue lies with the relay.
However, all indications suggest that removing the relay may deactivate the ABS warning light on the dashboard, as mentioned in a post located here.

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