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Should 1.5 litres of oil be added?


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While inspecting the oil level of my W203 2005 diesel 2.2, I saw that when the engine was heated at 90°C and switched off for 5 minutes, it indicated to add 1.5L. However, in the morning when the engine was cold, it showed that the engine oil level was okay.
1: When should the oil level be checked?
2: Should oil be added to the engine?
The car has travelled 99,000 km and still maintains an average fuel consumption of roughly 55 units without emitting any smoke.

Thank you

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As to the user handbook, the second check is the accurate one. This involves waiting for 5 minutes after turning off the engine while it is hot, and then checking the oil level.

The automobile indicating that the level is okay while chilly is illogical since the level would have decreased, not increased. I personally would not rely on the car's information and instead use a traditional dipstick if available.

For the last 45 years, I have habitually checked oil levels while the engine is cold. However, after changing oil on a new Mercedes recently, I have come to believe that oil levels should be monitored when the engine is hot. Additionally, filling the oil to the max mark when the engine is cold may actually result in an overfill.

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Have you considered trying the service mode?
It is far more precise than waiting for the phrase "Add Oil" to appear.
Refer to the information provided below:

Procedure for Checking Oil.

Caution: Allow the car to rest for about 5 - 10 minutes after the engine has been running before beginning this operation.

1. Ensure that the display in your cluster is set to the default Mileage and Trip distance, then switch off the ignition.

2. Proceed to position 1

3. Quickly press the 'Reset' push button located on the far left side of the instrument cluster 3 times. The device will emit a sound and display the battery's voltage.

4. Rotate the ignition key clockwise from position 1 to position 2.

Press the 'Up Arrow' on the left side of the steering wheel one time. It should display 'Oil level _._l' in the middle display area.

Wait about 10 seconds for the oil reading to occur. The measurement will be shown in litres.
It is optimal to maintain the level between 6 and 6.3 litres in a C220 CDI.

The capacity is 6.5 litres. It is advisable to maintain the level slightly below the maximum to avoid triggering a "Remove Oil" notice

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The guidebook does not include capacity, however the USA models should have the same specifications. You may get a UK version on eBay.

You may visit one of the oil producers' websites to get the amounts you need. Simply input your registration number, and they will provide you with the capacity.

The link provided is: http://applications.castrol.com/oilselector/en_gb/c/search

Select the appropriate oil for your vehicle.

Shell LubeMatch is a service provided by Shell in the United Kingdom.

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I am very grateful that you took the time to respond to my inquiries. I appreciate it much.
The vehicle mechanic used Mobil1 5-30 oil, then I added more Mobil1 5-30 oil. Is this the correct oil?
Thank you very much

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5w - 30 completely synthetic oil is OK. Did you use Mobil 1 to refill?

Not sure of your expertise in engine oils, so please forgive me if I'm mentioning something you already know.
There are three primary types: Fully Synthetic, Semi Synthetic, and Mineral. Manufacturers often suggest fully synthetic oil for its superior protection and ability to lengthen service intervals.

There are two varieties of Fully Synthetic oil for diesel engines: one for engines with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) that requires low-ash oil, and another for cars without a DPF that is also good for petrol engines.

If you are uncertain about whether your vehicle has a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) installed, provide your 17-digit VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) located on the bottom left side of the windscreen and on the sticker attached to the driver's door 'B' post. Someone will then examine the data card for you. Your mechanic will likely be able to inform you.

This page may clarify the selection of MB Approved lubricants for your automobile.

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Some remarks. When heated, oil expands and takes up more space compared to when it is cold. During extended periods of inactivity, oil will flow from the upper engine galleries into the sump, causing the oil level to rise. Oil pressure will decrease upon starting the engine as the oil pump fills the higher oil passages. The engine design includes a reservoir in the sump to adjust for variable levels during operation. As long as the oil level is above the minimum threshold and the engine is running, there should be enough oil in the sump to cover the oil pump intake and avoid engine oil starvation, unless violently displaced by vehicle movement such as cornering or braking forces. Overfilling with oil may cause the crankshaft to create a high oil level in the sump, leading to an oil/air emulsion/foam that can deprive the engine bearing surfaces of lubrication. An optimal scenario involves the oil sump being filled to around 2/3 to 3/4 capacity in a completely warmed-up, operational engine. That is your goal. Unfortunately, the current tendency is for owners and garages to overfill engines with oil due to the lack of a dipstick.

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I agree that reaching the maximum mark should not be a goal if it poses a danger of overfilling.

My personal experience indicates that Mercedes-Benz may have shifted from measuring oil levels while cold to measuring them when hot during an oil change. The specified fill amount in my guide is 5.5 litres, which only reaches the halfway line on the dipstick when cold, but climbs to 3/4 when measured hot after 5 minutes. I will not add more oil since the amount now in the container exceeds the minimum requirement. If the fill quantity is 5.5 Litres, it is the amount that will be provided, and it is likely the only amount a dealer would utilise.

Electronic oil level measuring is not aiding in reducing misunderstanding or improving accuracy. It's difficult to imagine that something so straightforward has been made complex by MB's inclination to cater to lazy owners. The dipstick has functioned consistently for more than a century, and I fail to comprehend the issue.

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My recommendation for anyone receiving electronic warnings is to disregard them and get a dipstick from eBay. It will provide a completely trustworthy method for monitoring your oil level.

After emptying all the oil, my experimentation revealed that the electronic sensor indicates there is still 1.4 litres in the engine. When I add oil, the level reaches 6.4 litres on the dashboard and does not increase further despite adding more. Utilise a dipstick for accurate measurements.

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I lack knowledge about engines, thus I need assistance. Typically, my engine oil level remains at the maximum mark, sometimes dropping slightly below it, but returning to the maximum level after my next drive. I have heard of some of our vehicles experiencing oil consumption and leaks. I may have had a problem with the oil filter housing in the past, but I resolved it a while ago. Overall, I have not had any significant concerns with oil levels.

Recently, I noticed that my oil level is now between the range of MIN and MAX, indicating a loss of oil due to either burning or a little leak. The technician advised adding 500ml if the level drops below MIN. I don't need an oil change soon, so what do you recommend?

Do I need to use Liqui-Moly 5W40 specifically, or can I use any 5W40 oil? Is the process as straightforward as waiting for the engine to cool down, removing the cap, using a funnel, and pouring in the 500ml?

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