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Cease the vehicle's motion while keeping the engine operational.


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Greetings, everyone.

I encountered the alarming dashboard warning message instructing me to stop the car and keep the engine running. This warning would intermittently vanish and reappear after about one week. Particularly after an extended jog!

After many months, the indicator still did not vanish, prompting me to replace the vehicle battery with one I had stored in my garage. I made sure that the battery was fully charged. The problem I am experiencing is that the notice persists even after replacing the battery. I have brought the vehicle to KwikFit, where they performed a battery test and confirmed that everything is in proper working order.

Earlier, I encountered a failure notice about the auxiliary battery. I promptly replaced the auxiliary smaller battery, resulting in the immediate disappearance of the fault message.

I am somewhat perplexed. Is it possible that the alternator is the cause? The automobile has consistently starting without any complications. Nevertheless, the dashboard indicator appears and cannot be dismissed? The only observation I have made is that when the vehicle is started, the dashboard screen momentarily turns dark before the motor begins.

I believe it was an error on my part to install a previously unused battery that was there in my vicinity. despite indicating a full charge.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Which engine is included in your "2016 Mercedes C Class"?

The alert may not be associated with the 12v battery.

Additionally, it is advisable to subject the automobile to a diagnostic scan using either STAR or iCarsoft tools to accurately determine the origin of the problem.

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I have used a compact diagnostic apparatus to conduct a check, following the directions which specify to keep the ignition on and thereafter connect the device. However, the predicament is in the fact that the problem notice only appears while the engine is running.

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